Thursday, October 27, 2016

Blogtober - Day 27

Went to my mom's today.  She didn't need to go shopping this week so I just did her laundry and some other little chores and projects she wanted done.  It was a fairly quick and easy trip this week.  I had high hopes for doing some things when I got back home but the day sort of fizzled into a blah and borderline crabby mood.  Whatever I was attempting to do, my mind was always on something else.  When I'd switch to something else, my mind would jump to the next thing.  Even playing Skylanders couldn't keep my attention.

I thought our water was getting good enough that I could start using our Britta filter pitcher again.  Nope, not quite.  We have to replace the big filter down in the basement, so hopefully that helps.

Our temps never made it out of the 40s today.  I actually really enjoyed it except for the fact that we need to get at least one more mowing of the lawn in for the season.  It rained so much yesterday that it was too wet to mow today, even I'd braved the chilly temps.  I won't be able to get at tomorrow.  Hopefully it's dry this weekend so hubby can do it.

At this point we're not even bothering with the outside Halloween decorations.  It bums me out but oh well.  Maybe next year.  I even forgot to get the Halloween cards I'd bought sent out.  Maybe I'll get them in the mail tomorrow, or maybe I'll just skip it for this year.  We'll see how I feel about it in the morning.

One very exciting thing did happen in this otherwise blah day.  Hubby and I ordered this tonight . . . 
Yes, Ty's room is finally going to be made into the craft room we've been debating!  I'm so frustrated with wanting to make things but having craft supplies scattered all over, and having to drag out the card table and haul supplies out.  Hubby's been having a itch to craft too.  He likes to do glass painting and his paints and things are all in boxes, buried under other things.  We snooped around online, looked at a few different tables, and decided on this one.  I bookmarked it "for when we get ready to actually do this," and he said we should do it now or we'll never do it.  So, it's been ordered and should be here within a week.

This changes the plans for that I had for making that room a library.  We're going back to the plan of keeping our upstairs 'hallway' the library space.  It's not really a hall, but more of a decent sized landing.  We already have two bookshelves stacked on one wall for the floor to ceiling library look, but just never finished the other walls.  Since we're going to start buying shelves and things for the craft room, maybe we'll finally get the rest of the shelves for the library too.

Now that I'm cheered up, I'm off to read before bed.

Not many of you chiming in about your Halloween plans.  Is everyone Halloween-blah like me this year?

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