Friday, October 28, 2016

Blogtober - Day 28

I'm pretty darn excited again today, people.  If you'll give the sidebar over to the right a little glimpse you might notice something new.  I got a PO box for the blog!  *happydance*  It's something I've been thinking about doing for a long time but always talked myself out of it because 'Nah, I'm not some big YouTuber or anything.'  But more and more lately, it's been pressing on my brain and I finally just went ahead and did it.  Hopefully it takes away that awkwardness of asking for an address.  It's like I'm all professional now.  *snort*

I'm also excited because I had a really good day in general.  Casey helped me haul some things upstairs, some things downstairs.  I got a million tiny little things done that I'd just been putting off.  I got a couple small packages in the mail.  And I tried Firehouse Subs for the first time today.  I already like that place more than Subway!

I'm not going to haul those packages I mentioned, not yet.  I'm waiting for several small parts of a larger order to come in and then I'll do one large collective haul, hopefully next week.  And it's not wax.  I think only one person knows what I'm so excited about and hopefully she doesn't spill the beans yet.  Although, I am feeling an urge to place an order or two for Christmas/winter wax so maybe you'll see a wax haul soon as well.

I've been awake since 3:30am!  Not sure what woke me up but I just could not get back to sleep.  I forced myself to at least stay in bed until about 5:15am, but since then it's been go go go.  I didn't even get a chance to play Skylanders today!  I'm really tired now though, so I think I'm just going to head off to bed.

Oh, I wanted to ask . . . 
Have you enjoyed these little daily Blogtober posts?  It's really gotten me back into blogging.  I know I'm going to do Blogmas again (post everyday in December) but I'm wondering about November.  I'm afraid if I take a break I'll start getting lazy and fall into that doubting rut again.  Do you have any ideas for a November title?  Bloggiving sounds like there are a lot of giveaways.  Thankblogful sounds kinda dorky.  Novemblog?  lol

Let me know your thoughts about this first world problem!

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!! Glad you had a great day!! Firehouse Subs meatball is mmmmmmmmm. I agree, much better than Subway. So hey. Christmas wax? Whatcha thinking? I am going to see if Torch and Key has any holiday scents first. And I do want a few from CFTKR. But not sure where else. And now I kinda want to send something to your PO just because LOL!! Love it. It is a little awkward giving out my address, but I just rest in the fact we have some security around here. #hubbyuseshissecondamendmentrights

    Ooooo November. What about The Fall Slut for November? Though you do have a good "blog" theme going on... that might not work.

    1. What I don't like about Subway is that they advertise all these great sounding subs, yet when you go in and try to order you basically have to build your own. Really? I want whatever is freakin' on that one you have advertised! The Firehouse sub's bread was nice and soft, not hard on the outside.

      I'm not sure about Christmas wax. I was whining out loud in last night's (Day 29) post about whether or not to order. *sigh*