Saturday, October 29, 2016

Blogtober - Day 29

Work was very mellow today.  Mellow days are much welcomed but it can also make the day drag.  I was especially anxious to get home because I knew I had some packages arriving today.

Hubby and the boys hauled some junk to the burn pile today, and some junk to the curb.  Hopefully we have some scavengers who travel our road and decide they want this stuff.  I'm just glad to finally have the stuff moved out of the house, especially since Ty's old room had become the junk collecting room.  I need that room cleaned out again so it can finally be the craft room!  wOOt!

Hubby might carve our one remaining pumpkin tomorrow.  I made a note to myself yesterday, to wait until just before Halloween to buy the pumpkins next year.  I bought them early this time, like as soon as I saw them at Walmart.  They were $4.88 at that time.  They've since gotten mushy in rotten in our up and down weather.  And yesterday I saw plenty of pumpkins still in the store . . . for $1.00 each.  Doh!  Well hopefully next year I'm more into Halloween in general anyway.

I was thinking about wax during my leisure time at work today.  I want to order some Christmas scents but then I think about how little I've been melting lately and how much of my fall stash will be untouched this year, and I wonder if it'll be the same with Christmas scents.  I mean, I have a decent amount of mints and pines already, probably enough to get through.  If I'm still blah about melting, I'll have more than enough.  So now I don't know if I should bother ordering more.  But I still *want* to!  I think it's more out of habit at this point.  Orrrrrr . . . maybe things will turn around now that I'm feeling better and more settled these days.

I work tomorrow but I will have Monday off because my lines are down for a couple days.  I'm excited about that because I'll hopefully be able to do some haul posts about these little packages I've been getting.  I'm also going to watch The Other Boleyn Girl!!!!!!!!  I quick added it to my Netflix queue after realizing I don't own it, and it arrived today.  Yes!  I will be watching you, darn movie!

Okay, off to read and hopefully sleep some deep and awesome sleep.

Did you have trick-or-treating in your town today?

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