Monday, October 3, 2016

Blogtober - Day 3

I used a vacation day to have today off.  My lines are all still down anyway after our weekend of deep cleaning.  I was so looking forward to putting the fall decorations away and getting the Halloween ones out today.  I'd hoped to maybe finally get going on an actual Project Life album.  I'd wanted to just have a leisurely day off.  So of course it would not turn out that way.

My whole body is super stiff and achy from the weekend of deep cleaning.  I have that sort of dizzy buzz feeling in my head which I think is sinuses again.  Those things kinda put a damper on things right from the get-go.  I did get the fall decorations taken down and packed away.  I did get the Halloween decorations out.  I first put all the Halloween stuff out because before today I'd been very excited about it and feeling like it would be a year where more is better.  But nope.  I seem to still be in my minimalist mood.  Once I had everything in place and stepped back to look, it just looked too cluttered and busy.  I tried to leave it, tried to just go do other things and not make any decisions hastily.  Nope, still hated it, and ended up packing most of it away again.  I only have a few things out now and I quite like it that way.  Not even sure if I'll take pictures this year.  I'll try to get some outside if we put our Halloween lights up this year.

I tried Pumpkin Spice Cheerios this morning.  There was just enough spice and flavor to know that it wasn't plain Cheerios but not enough to really make it pumpkin spice.  I was not impressed with this one.

I also tried these Hostess - Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes today.  Now these are pumpkin-y!  There is a lot of festive fall flavor in these little guys.  They are spicy and the pumpkin flavor does show up loud and proud.  I would buy these again.

In all my crabbiness with decorating, with hauling things out and rearranging and packing things away again, I never did get to start on picture scanning and printing.  I did start on a new jigsaw puzzle though, and I watched two hours of Snapped, featuring the Menendez brothers case.  I never really know much about that one, so it was interesting to finally see what all the fuss was about.

The Vikings play tonight, Monday Night Football, so I took a break from the puzzle to get this Day 3 post up before the game.  I hope I can make it through the whole game.  I'm really tired at the moment and just want to go to bed four about 800 hours.  We'll see.  Hopefully it's an exciting enough game to perk me up!

Anything spooky happen in your neck of the woods today?  Try and new pumpkin goodies?  Watch any scary movies yet this season?


  1. That pumpkin spice Hostess cake you sent went down way to easy. Very good. Nothing spooky going on here. The girls and I did watch the Goosebumps movie with Jack Black and it was funny. We also watched Coraline. And I did watch Sweeney Todd by myself. I got all teary eyed when Snape showed up. And then Peter Pettigrew was in it too. I forgot how grossly sad and funny and gross it was.

    1. I got Sweeney Todd when it came out, because I was all into Johnny Depp at the time. I watched it immediately but haven't seen it since. I forgot Snape was in it! Awww.