Sunday, October 30, 2016

Blogtober - Day 30

It was another mellow day at work, even more mellow than yesterday.  We actually had a lot of fun and most of the people were getting along for once.  I was in a great mood, looking forward to getting home and puttering around with my new toys, but the mood quickly changed when I saw this one Facebook:

'If all my friends could say a prayer for my brother in law Parish Baker he is ICU in an induced coma please pray for the baker family'
Ohhhh no.  Parish is a longtime coworker of mine.  We talk a lot at work, give each other a lot of crap about football and movies, vent to each other about work drama.  A couple months ago he had some back problems and ended up in the ER.  Through tests and things it was found he had some kind of lump near his spine.  A month or so ago he had a biopsy procedure and found out it's not cancer but it's some kind of cyst, and the doctor recommended getting it taken care sooner rather than later.  So Wednesday, Oct. 26, Parish had surgery to remove the cyst.  He figured he'd be home in a day or so and be back to work in a couple weeks.  So to see that on his Facebook page floored me.  I don't have any other details yet.  I suppose, being a spinal surgery, the induced coma could be to keep him from moving . . . ?  Ugh, I hate not knowing and I have shed a few tears this evening.

In better news, the Packers lost today.  Hahahahahaha!
I probably shouldn't laugh too loud in case we lose to the Bears tomorrow night.  But wait, it's still worth it because the Packers lost.

Nothing Halloween-y around here today.  Hubby did not carve that pumpkin.  I didn't really think he would.  He was bummed and distracted because we have water in our basement.  We did have a ton of rain recently, and he's thinking it's from that.  Still . . . what next??

I'm off to read now.  If you're one who prays, could you throw a little extra one in for Parish, please?

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