Monday, October 31, 2016

Blogtober - Day 31 / Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!
Did you do anything festive?  Go trick-or-treating?  Watch some scary movies?

We didn't do anything spooktacular here.  I wanted to watch a scary movie while I was puttering around on something but couldn't decide which one so I just left Snapped on TV for background noise.  We never did carve that last surviving pumpkin.  We don't get trick-or-treaters out here in the country.

I spent the morning taking a ton of pictures for the blog, and trying to get updates about my coworker.  He's been transferred to a hospital better equipped to deal with his situation.  I found out there were some complications from surgery and that he was put into a medically induced coma as a pain management situation, and to give new meds a chance to work.  Can you imagine how freaky that would be, to have your doctor come and tell you "We'll be putting you into a coma."???  To wake up in a different place and wonder how many days you've missed?  Weird.

Hubby got home from work early today so we headed to Menards while we were both feeling ambitious.  We got the first of the shelves that will go up in the soon-to-be craft room, as well as some other random things we needed.  Then we had to get back home to watch the Vikings game.  That game is actually happening while I'm typing this but, just like last week, it's a horrible game.  Casey wants to start a download that will hog the internet so I said I'd skip part of this crappy game to get this post done first.

I got a nice little package today, and I watched The Other Boleyn Girl today.  I'll do separate posts on those, hopefully tomorrow, since I'm kinda hurrying on this tonight.

Well, it's October 31 and I only cheated on two nights of posting.  Pretty good for me!  I am going to try and keep going through November but I don't have any cutesy name yet.  It might just be back to Nattering.  Hope you've all enjoyed Blogtober and stick around!

Okay, I'm outta here for tonight!
Got a crappy football game to watch . . .

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