Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blogtober - Day 4

I had quite a day today.  First there was a training thing at work from 7-9am.  Kinda sucked having to go in on my day off but it was only for two easy hours and that put me just a couple blocks away from my mom's place, where I was due to go anyway.  The training thing turned out to be just a nonstop whine and bitch fest because the machine operators want absolutely no part of a new program that's coming.  And then I heard afterwards that one of my so-called friends totally stabbed me in the back in front of our big boss.  When I heard that I go so upset that, yes, I sat here and cried to hubby.  The fact that I got so upset actually upsets me even more because I know I'm not in the wrong.  Why am I letting this person's bitchy little tactics get to me so much?  I think it's just one more little thing adding to my general frustration with work.  It's one of those 'I can't win!' things.  Anyway, I had a good cry about it, sobbed my story to hubby, and am feeling a little better now.

Headed over to my mom's after that training.  She wanted to go shopping, which I didn't want to do because last week she'd said this week she didn't need to go anywhere.  I took her though, and she admitted she'd just wanted to get out of the house and see some different things, get her mind off all the mess with my brother.  So we poked around Dollar Tree and Walmart for a while.  I bought some really neat looking stickers at Dollar Tree.  I forgot to take pics of them today, but will try to get them tomorrow.

When we got back to my mom's place, TroubledBrother was there.  We had a brief little conversation and he agreed to come out here and try working on our two push-mowers.  He got one of them going, but didn't have parts for the second and said he'd come back some other time for that one.  I gave him a bit of money that he at first tried decline, then he headed on his way.

Hubby got home from work a bit after that.  I showed him that the one mower works now, told him about TroubledBrother, and then he hoped on his riding mower and did some yardwork while it was still light out.  I was working on my jigsaw puzzle when he came in later and asked if I wanted to put some of our Halloween decorations out.  So back outside I went and we managed to get two zombies attached to the from porch before killer mosquitoes made us give up and head back inside.  That was when I'd gotten word about the backstabbing and had my little meltdown.

In happier news, I bought another set of papers and cards.  It was another digital set that I printed out on my fancy new printer.
[Source - Serena Bee / Papercakes.com]

More Halloween stuff, sure, but they're too cute to pass up! I think she's working on a Christmas/winter collection. Can't wait to see it!

So tomorrow I will need to cut the printed pieces out and hopefully FINALLY get going on an actual Project Life album! At least I'm hoping like crazy I can just stay home and focus on that. I have no other plans, nothing else that needs to get done. *fingers crossed*

How was your Day 4? Name one Halloween-y thing you did or saw or thought about. 

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