Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blogtober - Day 8

It was freakin' cold today!  It only got up to 53 degrees today but the wind made it feel colder.  And it's funny because 53 is nothing when you think about the subzero temps we'll have this winter, but geez, these first cold days of the season are still a shock to the system.  LOL

Ty was over today to do his laundry.  We thought we'd maybe have a game day but it didn't work out that way.  Casey fell asleep, Matt didn't come over, and Ty decided to just head home.  Oh well.  Ty said recently that Munchkin has gotten kind of boring for him.  We barely play anymore, which might be part of the reason it seems boring now when we do manage to play.  Casey decided to buy an expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity the other day, so that's what we were going to play today.  But no, didn't work out that way.

When I went grocery shopping this morning I forget to get lettuce and a tomato.  We were going to have tacos for lunch so those were kind of important items to forget.  Hubby and I made a quick trip to a different, closer grocery store for that lettuce and one tomato . . . and ended up with about four grocery bags of things that somehow fell into our cart.  Isn't that the way it always goes?!

These are two of the things that came home with us.  I don't drink, and hubby's more of a beer and shots guy, not wine, so it's hysterical that we decided to get these.  It's the frightfully festive theme that suckered us.  The Witches Brew (purple one) is 'grape, plum, and strawberry wine.'  The Hallowine (orange one) is 'apple wine spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg' and is 'best served warm.'  Even if we don't actually drink these, I think they just look so cool and will probably become part of the kitchen Halloween decor.

We have some climbing zombies and other creepy dudes on our front porch now.  That one in the back, on the right, was turned away because the wind kept blowing, but if it's ever not windy it will look similar to the greenish one on the left, but with a skull face.  We're not done decorating.  It was just too windy and chilly today and that quickly killed our ambition.

Our back (main) porch so far.  We have two large lighted characters, a witch and a ghost, that aren't in place yet, and there will probably be lights along the rails.  I also need to figure out what I had by the door before.  I found one Halloween wreath in the storage tote, but can't remember what was on the other side of the door.  Hmm.

Just a little look at one of the views from my window.  The corn field is a lovely fall tan, but the trees aren't quite there yet.  At least not in my immediate area.

This is how it looks though, in one area on my way home from town.
I love it!

And with that, I am off to read for a bit before bed.

Has fall settled in where you are?


  1. Such a lovely view! Fall has really creeped in! I have to agree with you; that first real temperature drop from Summer temps is a shock to the system. It's 50 right now and the high for today isn't supposed to be much higher. The air quality is wonderful, so we've cracked open a few windows... only to close them when a cool breeze chills us. :)
    Those wine bottles look awesome! They totally scream Halloween.

    I haven't played Cards Against Humanity in a while. We haven't found a group of people that we can play with... too many differing senses of humor and touchy subjects. It's no fun when you can't play a game and acknowledge that x or y racy answer is all in good fun!

    1. That's why I like it so much when it's just our usual little and hubby, Ty and Casey, and Matt. We know we can say pretty much anything in that bunch and it's okay. LOL

      While Casey and I were trying to decide about buying the expansion pack that day in Target, there was a lady with a baby next to us, looking at something else. When our conversation sounded like we weren't going to buy anymore she kinda turned and said "But it's an AWESOME game." We laughed and said yeah, that we had the starter deck. She laughed and said her family had EVERY deck and expansion. It was so funny because she just didn't look like the type! lol