Sunday, October 9, 2016

Blogtober - Day 9

Had a very nice, mellow day today.  I felt crappy and weird this morning, like monumental stress was pressing down on my but my mood was good and I couldn't figure out what the possible stress was from.  That all eased as the day went on, so I don't know what it was.  Other than that though, it was a nice homey day.  I did laundry and made some Halloween cookies (cheater pre-made ones), but mostly spent time getting my photo files sorted out.  I printed out a lot of pics today, not for Project Life (yet) but just to get my regular photo albums up to date.  I was printing some and sorting through my scattered files on the computer and my phone, and printing some more.  I had quit working on the photo albums back in fall 2014, after that Snapfish fiasco.  Good thing I don't take too many pics worth printing and saving anymore.  LOL!  I mean, yeah, I take tons of pics for blog stuff but most of that is not stuff I save for albums.  I'm sure in twenty years no one in the family will want to see what wax I bought.

And let me just say this new printer is amazing.  My old printer was just too basic and limited.  It's so thrilling to me that I can pop a 4x6 photo paper into this one and it will print the full, borderless photo!  I'm also amazed that the ink still has not run out.  My old one would run out after just printing a few crappy photos.  Not this one.  I must have done 50 photos already.  I love this thing!

We watched the Vikings game today, of course.  Vikings won, of course.  I think they are now the only undefeated team left this season.  Woohoo!  This was the game that hubby and I had planned on going to when schedules came out earlier this year.  It didn't work out though.  Prices are quite high this year, but the real kicker was that our usual hotel was booked solid this weekend.  All the other area hotels were too.  Not sure what's going on in town but we were surprised.  We've never had any trouble getting a room on the weekend we needed.  Oh well, as fun as it can be to go to a game, you see a lot more of it on your own TV.

Now I'm off to read before bed.

Hope your weekend was ghoulishly grand!


  1. I've been feeling the same way. Stressed and upset, annoyed, on edge. I took a bath this evening and it seems to've helped calm me a little. I'm also incredibly tired so I may have to turn in early.

    Cheaty pre-made food is sometimes so much easier than worrying about hand making the stuff. :) Mom used to buy logs of sugar cookie dough that would have seasonally appropriate designs on the inside. I loved chopping the log and revealing the design within. Now they sell this dough pre-cut which takes away from the fun.

    I'm glad your printer is doing so well! We're thinking about upgrading our printer, because this one is starting to show its age. It's gone through 5 years of continuous printing for school, work, and life in general. Now it has trouble figuring out whether it actually has paper in its tray.

    Weird that you had issues trying to go to the Vikings game. I wonder if there was something else going on in the area around this weekend that made it so busy. Perhaps the holiday?

    Michael has a turkey cooking right now and I feel like it's Thanksgiving. It's a weird mixture of "yay! turkey!" and "I miss family." Besides that we had a very, VERY lazy weekend at home. Does that count as grand? XD

    1. I just saw the time and noticed it's almost 10pm. My bath was much longer than I thought it was. No wonder I'm tired!

    2. I used to get those logs of cookie dough. I used to get frustrated because in the cutting process the designs always got smooshed. Yep, the ones mentioned in this post are the pre-cut ones. They had pumpkin designs. I have another pack I'd bake one of these days, but with ghost design.

      Ohhhh, I can't wait for Thanksgiving and a big ol' turkey of our own. Only, what, six weeks away?!