Saturday, October 22, 2016

Blogtober - Days 21 & 22

It bums me out that I did not post last night but I had such a miserable day and an even worse evening that I just stomped off to bed.  Work was drama . . . again . . . and I spent a good chunk of the morning in the HR office with the supervisor and two employees who just can't get along.  Both got lectured about their behavior, about how always having to call the supervisor or the lead to hear their whiny fights is taking up too much of our time that is needed elsewhere.  Both were asked how the situation should be resolved, and both had the same answer but HR doesn't agree and has other plans.

It was frustrating for me because even though I was ordered to attend the meetings because I have more firsthand knowledge than the supervisor, everything I tried to say was shot down.  One of the two people has a history of not getting along with people, has made people quit, is not fit to be doing the job she does, a whole slew of things.  But I was told none of that is open for discussion because we were only talking about this one particular incident.  Well, how can you???  This person is notorious for trouble!  The other person is not an angel either but geez, things were not like this until MsTroublemaker came to our crew!  How can you not take that into consideration?!

So I felt rather frustrated after that.  And then when I got home and was trying to tell hubby and Casey about all of this, they weren't even listening.  They were playing Skylanders and I was getting the occasional "Uh-huh," but it quickly became apparent they weren't listening.  I actually stopped mid-sentence and they didn't notice for quite a long time.  Then hubby apologized and told me to continue.  A minute or two later, when it was obvious they weren't listening, I trailed off again with " . . . and I don't know why I'm even talking when you guys can't be bothered to listen."  Again, it took quite some time before they even noticed.  When they did I just got up, left the room, and went to bed.


So this morning I got up and went about my morning routine and left for grocery shopping without a word to anyone.  When I got home, hubby helped carry bags in but didn't say anything to me and I continued my muteness.  A bit later in the morning Casey asked me a question and I flat out ignored him.  He waited for a minute then got all offended and snarked "Okay, well thanks for answering."  So I shot back, "Oh, I thought we learned last night it was okay to ignore each other?"  And he got all snippy about it.  And hubby was pissy about it most of the day.

Wow!  Really?!  They're freakin' rudeness last night but *I* am the one in the wrong today??  So yeah, it's been a miserable 24 hours or so for me.

Let's try to get this back to light and fun and fall related.

I had these recently, part of my continued Try All The Pumpkin Things!  They were pretty good.  Well, Milano cookies are good anyway.  There was a softly spiced flavor to the center.  Nice but not "Wow!" worthy.

These, on the other hand, I enjoyed quite a lot!  I was surprised!  There is a hefty dose of pumpkin spice in these.  The vanilla cookies provide a good mix with the warm and cozy flavored filling.

I'm pretty much over the Pumpkin Everything phase now.  I still have a couple things here to try but I've stopped buying things I see.  It's kind of too bad because I found a couple things today that I would totally bought if I'd seen them earlier in the season.
They are . . . 
The pumpkin spice Special K cereal I'd been looking for, and . . . 
Pumpkin spice Nutri Grain bars?!  I always have some sort bars in my lunches for work and I do enjoy the Nutri Grain bars.  I'm a little leery of all that filling though.  That looks a little too close to pumpkin pie type to me.  lol

Mint things are starting to come out now for Christmas.  I saw on Instagram that there are peppermint Twinkies.  I didn't see any at my store yet.  I'm glad, but if and when I do see them, I probably will grab a box.

Back to Halloween, I'd wanted to finally finish the outside decorations today (lights on the porch, etc.) but our group crabbiness drained me of ambition.  Well that, plus Ty and Matt were here today so we played Cards Against Humanity for a while.  Maybe we'll get the lights done tomorrow.  I think hubby wants to go to Menards for shelving materials tomorrow morning.  I hope so, because I'm anxious now to get Ty's old room turned into something usable.

I'll leave you with this lovely fall scene, taken a couple miles down our road, on my way to my mom's the other day.

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