Monday, October 24, 2016

Haul - Satin Suzie Scents

Bernadette, the owner and waxmaster at Satin Suzie Scents, contacted me recently and wanted to know if I'd like to try some of her wax in exchange for a review here on the blog.  I browsed her site, chitchatted back and forth a bit in email, and told her to surprise me with some scents.  That package arrived today and oh my gosh, I'm in smelly heaven at the moment.  This generous lady spoiled me!

Let's just dive into what she sent, and I'll give my overall thoughts at the end.

Roman Numeral V - 'Lemon biscotti & brown sugar.'
Mmmmm, so good.  It's a sweet bakery lemon, not overly tart.  The brown sugar is warm and sweet, toning down the lemon a bit and making a very cozy bakery scent.
Cozy Lil' House - 'Sugar and spices warm this cozy home, with notes of apples.'
I know this scent.  It might be along the lines of Apple Jack & Peel maybe.  I love it.  It's perfect for fall.  It reminds me of spiced cranberry, of a warm mulled punch type drink.

Agent 66 - 'Ripe pears & spicy-sweet dessert figs with brown sugar.  (House blend)"
This reminds me a lot of the Golden Pear & Brown Sugar shower gel from Bath & Body Works, and I really like that.  This one is a little sweeter, a little fruitier but that brown sugar brings its warming effects to the mix and makes it cozy again.

Pumpkin Pie - 'Thanksgiving. Pumpkin, spices, butter, sugar with hints of vanilla. This is a best seller for fall scents.'
Oh yes, good ol' Pumpkin Pie for fall.  This one is nice, not overly spicy.  It's more buttery and bakery.

Afternoon Tea - 'Spicy chai tea with sweet sugar cookies.  (House blend)'
This is really yummy.  You know I like my chai scents, and the rich vanilla from the sugar cookies makes the tea notes creamier, like the latte type that I prefer.  I hope the cookie doesn't drown out the chai when melted.

Pucker Up, Sweetheart - 'Juicy citrusy lemons are sweetened by shortbread cookies and ooey, gooey marshmallows.  (House blend).'
Ohhh, this is the creamy lemon type that I adore. It's bright but not tart. It's creamy and bakery but not heavy. It's just so cozy and yummy!
Black Cherry Spice - 'Fresh, ripe black cherries blended with kitchen spices.'
Now this one, oh my.  The black cherry is there strong and proud, reminding me very much of my favorite flavor of Kool Aid, but the hint of warmth from the spices comes running up quickly behind it.  It's along the lines of a lighter, tart cranberry spice type, but sweeter.  This could be good for fall but that sweetness makes it okay for any time of year.

Rosemary Mint - 'Clean blend of fresh rosemary with refreshing mint.'
 One of the reasons I was excited to try Bernadette's wax was that I'd seen Lemon & Rosemary in her scent list.  Remember a year or two ago when I was wanting vendors to come up that blend because I was reading the Beautiful Creatures series and it's repeatedly mentioned in there?  Well, finally someone has it!  I was a little bummed that she sent me Rosemary Mint instead but that's okay because I know what I'll be ordering when I go back for more of her wax!  As for this Rosemary Mint, when I was handling these for taking pictures they were very mint-strong.  Sniffing them now though, back in the package, it's more of an equal blend of a nice herbal rosemary and a smooth mint.  I like it.

Christmas Love -'It's all about Christmas with pine, spices of clove, cinnamon & nutmeg, crispy sugar cookies, brown sugar & white musk. YC type.'
We had also discussed Christmas scents in our email conversation.  She had some that weren't listed yet and some blends she was still testing.  This one has that cinnamon pine cone craft store air about it.  I get cinnamon for sure, sweeter than a fall-type of heavier cinnamon.  Actually, maybe the pine is toning it down.  I didn't even recognize that pine was in here until I saw the scent description, so don't think of this as a Christmas tree scent.  There are very soft hints of the cookie and brown sugar.  This one is interesting.

Peppermint Noel - 'Peppermint and Vanilla Bean Noel.'
And finally, another Christmas scent.  It's a wonderful peppermint, smoothed and softened slightly by the vanilla.  The other notes from Vanilla Bean Noel (sugar cookie, caramel, buttery cream) make a shy appearance in the background.  Vanilla-mint is my favorite scent for Christmas and this one will be nice.

The scent shots are mostly 1.6 oz. with a few them being 1.5 oz..  The white and green shaped tarts range from 0.6 - 0.8 oz. each.  The red flower tart is 2.4 oz..

On the website, scent shots sell for $1.70 each ($1.60 if it's available in the Ready To Ship section).  The 4-piece Flower Power Packs are $3.00 each and are listed as 'approximately 2.5 oz.'  (Mine was 2.7 total ounces.)  She also has clamshells for $3.65.  I don't know how much the large flowers will be since they are not on the site yet.  (She says they will be shortly though.)

Satin Suzie Scents has a decent sized scent list, and has a nice amount of house blends too.  It leans towards bakery scents but I did see some florals and fresh scents as I scrolled through the list.  

Shipping is a flat rate of $7.00 but she does refund overcharges of more than a dollar.  She does not ship internationally at this time.  TAT is listed as 5 days on Ready To Ship items, and up to two weeks for other items.  I can't really accurately comment on TAT yet because this was a package that she put together and sent to me, not something I'd actually ordered.  Still, it was quick enough to satisfy this impatient person!

Everything arrived in beautiful condition.  Presentation is clean and professional.  I like all the little touches like how even the ribbon that tied the cello back shut matched the colors on the thank you card.  The labels have a pour date on them, and some have scent descriptions on them too.  These all arrived nicely packaged in a Regional A priority box with plenty of packing peanuts.

All of the scents are strong and true so far on cold sniff.  There is a certain creaminess about these scents that reminds me a lot of Rosegirls.  These are a parasoy blend, and Bernadette recommended a two week cure time.

I am greatly impressed with what I've seen so far.  Everything is neat and clean.  Scents are strong, without any plastic-y residual note.  Prices seems decent.  The website is uncluttered and very easy to use.  And guess what!  She's always open!  That right there is a huge selling point in my book!  I'm quite sure I will be placing an order of my own.  I need that Lemon-Rosemary!  lol

Are you familiar with Satin Suzie Scents?
I hope you hop over and check out her site!


  1. Ohhh! Great scents. I haven't tried a chai melt or candle yet and I want to because I lurve chai lattes so much. In your opinion, who has the best chai tarts?

    1. Hmmm, I'm not even sure. I've prefer the creamier ones, like chai latte, but the regular chai tea types are often good too. I'd have to look back through old posts to see who I've liked.