Monday, October 31, 2016

Haul - Sweet Clementine Soaps

Vanilla Snowflake - 'Scrumptious sugar cookies made with rich and creamy vanilla, frosted with mint and sprinkled with coconut.'

 You might remember that I was recently raving about how much I'm loving the Perfect Pumpkin scented lotion I got from Sweet Clementine Soaps.  I'd said I would order a winter scent if she stocked any.  Well, she did!  There are several Christmas / winter themed goodies that I would have loved to have gotten but I held back and only ordered one jar of the 'goat milk & honey lotion' that I love.

My favorite scent for Christmastime is a softly sweet vanilla-mint.  I'd hoped this would be a bit mintier but I think it still fits the bill.  There is a nice cookie note, but not so strong that you'll smell like a cookie jar all day.  The mint is soft and sweet, gently making its presence known.  The coconut, if it's there at all, blends seamlessly with the vanilla cookie notes.  I think this will do nicely for my December lotion slathering.

I also received a tiny sample of sugar scrub in the same scent.  I know from the sample in my previous order that I do like the Sweet Clementine scrubs.  If I find myself going through an 'I love scrubs!' phase again sometime, I will order one of her full sized jars.

This 5 oz. jar sells for $7.50 in the Etsy shop.  The consistency is wonderful, on the thicker side but spreads and absorbs so nicely.  A little goes a long way once you get this spreading around.  I started my jar of Perfect Pumpkin lotion on October 1, have used it every day on my hands and feet,  and am only about half way through the jar.  This is great, because I will continue to use it through pumpkin-friendly November too!

I placed my order on Sunday, October 23 and received the package on Saturday, October 29.  I paid $2.75 shipping, which is fantastic.  It arrived nicely wrapped in bubble wrap inside a small brown box.  This is my second order from this shop and I continue to be pleased.

Have you tried Sweet Clementine Soaps yet?
Get on it!  There are a lot of nice things in the Etsy shop right now!

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