Saturday, November 26, 2016

Blogmas - Day 2

 Casey did not go shopping with me this morning, and I was not at all surprised.  That boychild has always been like that, big plans to do something and then can't be dragged out of bed to actually do them.  It was fine though.  I was able to stay focused while shopping and even got a few Christmas presents bought.

I stopped at Target after Walmart because I'd heard the Dollar Spot has three different Christmas themed paper packs.  I found two of them, and neither one impressed me enough to buy.  I then wandered over to the Christmas stuff to have a look, then through games, movies, and books.  The store was absolute chaos!  You'd think Black Friday was still happening!  There were so many people trying to shop, and so many employees trying to restock shelves.  There were so many carts and trolleys of boxes needing to be unpacked that you could barely get through many of the aisles.  Makes me wonder what it was like yesterday?!

I found so many things at Target that I want, and so many things that I'll probably be buying for people on my shopping list.  Oh my gosh, it was so fun!  I didn't dive into Christmas shopping yet though because I need to get organized and make a decent list of what to get who.  I did get hubby's iTunes cards today though.  They have a deal, buy one get one 30% off.  Not bad!

Then in the mail this morning was my tiny Bath & Body Works order.  That has me thinking I'll also be using BBW for a huge chunk of my shopping too.  I can't wait to actually get started now!

The get together at my brother's was today.  My anti-social feelings had gone away in my super festive mood I had after shopping, so that was good.  Casey only stayed about an hour because he went off to meet up with friends and hang out.  Hubby and I only stayed about two hours.  (He's been crabby for days and was looking miserable.)  Ty stayed a good long time though, which was surprising but cool.  My mom had her cane today instead of her walker.  A bunch of us sat in the living room and watched tractor pulls that one brother had recorded and another had pulled in.  (Pulling is a family thing for us.)  It was a nice little visit.
Ty (right) and his cousin Dan

 SIL Vickie, Mom, SIL Yvonne, SIL Peg (hostess)

Brother Tom and brother Paul (host)

Ty, my brother Paul, my nephew Dan, and his son Alec

My nephew Dan's boys, Ayden and Alec

When we got home from my brother's I went ahead about put our tree up.  It's standing bare for tonight, to see if the cats get into mischief around it.  Tomorrow I will haul out all the Christmas decorations and get busy while I'm still (hopefully) in this uber festive mood.

And now I will head up to bed and try to read, although I'm really just plain ol' tired.

How was your Day 2?
Do any Christmas shopping today?


  1. That sounds like a lovely little get together! It's cool to be able to place faces to some of the people you mention on the blog! :)

    We wanted to do some Christmas shopping today, but there are some more protests in Seoul that make it less than ideal for us to go out. That plus our food hangovers made for an easy decision of at-home recovery. Complete with video games... and more food.

    1. Video games and lounging at home. Sounds like perfect recovery plan to me! Casey's out right now buying a new Skylanders set that just came out. I'm itching to get back to playing but things keep coming up!

      I'm anxious for Casey to start Ark. I want to check it out, see what has you all captivated. hehe


  2. I just love this vintage Santa background with the bright stars. So festive and cute! Glad you guys went and had a nice time. Hoping Kurth feels better soon. Maybe he could use some more card making therapy.

    Your Christmas shopping excursion sounds successful! They had another sale on a Pokemon box but they were sold out so my MIL ended up getting it for Savanna at Walmart instead.

    Did you end up putting out a few things? Is it snowing? I feel like I can imagine you bustling around the house putting up red and green shiny things while it snows outside. Some Carpenters on the radio and hot cocoa steaming in a mug nearby.

    1. It's not snowing today. We had a few flurries yesterday but nothing stuck. I did get the tree decorated and few other decorations put out, but ended up going extremely minimal again.

      Did you get the rest of yours done?