Saturday, November 5, 2016

Christmas Wax At Walmart

While shopping at Walmart this morning I was happy to see the Christmas wax was now out.  After that initial rush of excitement though, I was rather bummed by what I saw.  The selection was decent sized, not crazy large like the fall release, but a pleasant enough amount to choose from.  I took pics of the shelves again, but did not do thorough sniffing or note taking.

  • Iced Winter Cranberry (returning from last year)
  • Fresh Cut Frasier (returning from last year)
  • A Wonderful Winter (returning, I think I liked this one last year)
  • Christmas Morning Latte (returning, I had multiple packs last year)
  •  Twinkling Holiday Lights (returning from last year)
  • Spicy Cinnamon Stick (seems to always be around)
  • Frosty Winter Nights (new this year?)
  • Sugared Maple & Evergreens (new)
  •  First Winter Blizzard (new?)
  • Warm Up Winter (new)
  • Season of Joy (new)
  • Cranberry Cookie Crumble (new)
  •  Winter's Sleigh Ride (pic looks familiar but name seems new)
  • Bubble Peach Cocktail (new)
  • Pine
  • Cinnamon
  • Spiced Cranberry
  • Winter Mittens
  • Apples & Evergreen
  • Spiced Orange
 I just realized while writing this post that there are no Scentsationals in the lineup.  Maybe they'll come later.  The current display seemed so random and incomplete.  There were things like cupcake and hazelnut along with the Christmas scents.  There were obvious Christmas scents still over in the regular wax aisle with all the fall and everyday scents.  Why not bring those over to the Christmas display?

The scents were rather boring.  Once again, no good peppermint scent.  I was super excited to see that Cranberry Cookie Crumble but was a bit disappointed when I sniffed it.  It's way more cookie than anything else, with perhaps a fleeting hint of cranberry.  The outdoor ones all have the same sort of generic mint-pine-cologne type thing going on, with Frosty Winter Nights having a wintergreen note to it.  There is no really nice 'craft store at Christmas' type cinnamon-pine blend.

I liked the Mainstays scents more than the BHG.  Spiced Orange was nice but didn't really scream Christmas to me.  Apples & Evergreen was interesting, heavier on the apple note.  Winter Mittens I don't remember much of, just that there was a laundry note to it.  Pine and Cinnamon are self explanatory.  And Spiced Cranberry . . . 
. . . was the only one I bought.  You know I love a good spiced cranberry scent at this time of year and I was so excited to see this one!  This is a good one, warmly spiced, with just enough tartness remaining.

Hubby picked this Evergreen Spruce candle from Mainstays.  We both liked this one way better than the Pine scent.  This one was back in the regular wax aisle, still in with the fall scents.

I also noticed that an end cap display of the large BHG jar candles had a couple of scents that were not available in tarts form.  One was Coconut Balsam Berries, and the other was A Magical Morning.  I don't remember what the balsam one was like but I did like A Magical Morning and will buy it if I ever do see it in tart form.  It was warmly sweet, maybe maple or caramel, maybe a hint of coffee or something?

If you see these in your Walmart and are disappointed, go find your store's regular wax aisle and see if they have the other Christmas scents still mixed in with the fall stuff.  And if you see Fall Into Autumn back there, grab it!  Don't be fooled by the name.  It is perhaps the best Christmas type scent I've smelled in years!

What Christmas scents have you seen in your Walmart?
Did you see any Scentsationals in the mix?
Let me know!

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