Saturday, November 5, 2016

Haul - Collective / Craft Stuff

Lawn Fawn had a sale on their site recently.  I didn't order too much because I'd already ordered those other things, but I knew I absolutely had to have this die set after seeing an awesome Christmas card on YouTube.  If you can't tell, these are Christmas lights in two different bulb sizes, and there is also a die for the cord.

I went ahead and ordered this ink pad for embossing even though the powders I wanted were sold out at the time.  I don't have a heat tool yet either.  lol  That's next on my agenda!

When you order directly from the Lawn Fawn site you get some fun freebies.  (The other Lawn Fawn things I've gotten recently have been through other sites.)  With my order I received a sample of one of their colored twines.  It's about 36 inches long.  I'll have to look back through the site to figure out which one this is.  I also received a stamp that says 'hugs.'  That's super cute, and handy.

I received three 6x6 inch sheets of their paper too!  It's heavy paper, like card stock.
It's double sided too!  It'll be fun building a little collection as I order more and more dies and stamps.

I'd heard about the magnetic pad after I'd already ordered my Cuttlebug and adapter plate.  I've only seen these available directly from the Cricut site so far, and it's a good thing I waited to order because at first they only had the larger size.  When I went back to check the other day I noticed they now had this smaller 6x8 inch size.  I was surprised when I got it though.  It's not a hard metal plate.  It's softer and flexible.  I'll have to research what plates to use this with now.

While browsing the Cricut site, I noticed this die set of leaves.  I have other leaf sets on my Lawn Fawn wish list, but what I like about this set is the holly leaves and the acorn.  The four leaf clover could come in handy too.

I got these sparkly 12x12 sheets at Walmart this morning.  Obviously I have Christmas cards in mind.

And then a few random things I've picked up.  I've seen some card making videos where they use a watercolor technique and they mentioned watercolor paper.  I did not see any at Walmart, but I did find this pad of it at Kmart the other day.  From Walmart this morning, I got a roll of foam tape to try out, and some blender sponge things to use with ink pads.

It's amazing, the amount of tools and materials that paper crafters use!  I used to be intimidated by it all but now I'm watching tons of videos and diving right in.  I can't wait till I actually have something I've made to show you!

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