Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Haul - Cuttlebug Die Cut Machine

If you've followed me for a while you know I have an obsession with wanting to do paper crafts, and that I get frustrated and rage-quit, only to revisit the idea again later.  It's like a vicious cycle I can't seem to break.  So I'm back at it again and this time I'm throwing myself all-in.

I bought a Cuttlebug die cut and embossing machine!

I've been considering a die cut machine for as long as I've been on this weird journey.  I've never taken that plunge because I always felt like I needed to be sure card making, etc. was something I was really into.  I've considered the electronic machines.  I more recently learned about scan-n-cut machines.  I'd never really considered the 'old school' type manual machines though, until very recently.  I was watching some videos and people mentioned their electronic ones having this or that problem, and with the frustrations I've had lately with various electronics I figured no, I would not want to add electronic die cut machine frustrations to that mix.  Suddenly, the hand cranked ones seemed glorious to me and I decided now was the time.

I chose the Cuttlebug (from Cricut) because it seemed to be the most common, and I'd watched the most videos featuring that one.  I ordered mine from Amazon for $40something dollars.  (I'm a bad blogger and can't find my invoice at the moment.)  It comes with the A plate and two B plates, and a flower designed embossing folder.

Because I plan to use the 'wafer thin' dies, I had to order this C plate separately.

(This cuddlebug was not included.)

Anyway, if you're not familiar, the acrylic plates are used to sandwich your paper and dies, and apply even pressure as you turn the crank on the Cuttlebug and the whole works is pulled through the rollers.  It cleanly cuts whatever shape your dies are, out of paper, cardstock, thin foam, felt . . . I'm not even sure what can all be run through this thing.  I'm a total beginner!  You can then stamp and color the pieces you've cut out and use them to embellish cards or crafts.  I've seen some really cool things come from die cuts!

I'm pretty excited (again) about card making and other paper crafts.  Finally diving into this aspect opens up so many more possibilities than what I was trying to do before with stickers and improvised embellishments.  Since ordering this I've learned that there is a magnetic plate too.  I will be ordering one of those because it looks pretty handy.

Wish me luck!


  1. I love both your cuddle bugs. I would probably go with the manual one too. I like the simplicity and ease of it. Cannot wait to see some more of your creations!! Such a cute thing.

    1. I can't wait to get going! I've cut things and colored a few things but haven't had a chance to put them together for an actual card yet. Hopefully this weekend gives me time to craft!