Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Haul - Satin Suzie Scents / Celebrate Christmas Sampler

Black Friday found Satin Suzie Scents offering four different Christmas samplers, so of course I had to grab one.  Some scents could be found in more than one sampler, and I picked the Celebrate Christmas one because it seemed to have the least amount of woody and smoky type scents.  Let's just jump in and see what I got!

Berry Bellini - 'An icy cold bubbly champagne with under currents of berries, peaches and hints of citrus.'
Champagne, fizzy, alcohol type scents are not something you'll find in my favorites column.  This one is okay, mellow on that bubbly aspect but you can still tell it's champagne.  It's very sweet, almost candy-sweet, but that champagne note sort of puts a veil over it.  All three of the fruit notes show up in soft tones.

Oh Christmas Tree - 'A strong, freshly cut pine Christmas tree.'
I like my pine scents in small, soft doses during the Christmas season.  Some can be really strong and headache inducing.  This one, on cold sniff at least, seems on the mellower side and that makes me happy.  Just a basic, must-have Christmas tree scent.

Christmas Love - 'It’s all about Christmas with pine, spices of clove, cinnamon & nutmeg, sugar cookies, brown sugar & white musk. Yankee Celebrate Christmas dupe.'
I received a large flower shaped tart in this scent back when Satin Suzie owner Bernadette first sent me that package of goodies to try.  Nice to have another because it is an interesting scent.  I'm not familiar with the Yankee version so I can't say how true it is.  This is along the lines of those 'craft store at Christmas' type scents.  I get the spicy scents first and foremost but they're softened by everything else.  I only get a faint hint of pine, and then the rest is sort of a subtle, warm, hints of bakery type blend.  I would say this is a bright scent that also leans towards warm and cozy.  A nice Christmas scent.

Snow Day - 'Spicy fresh pine combines with frosted fir, heady cinnamon and bay leaf to bring a winter woodsy fragrance.'
This one falls into the woody category and I'm not sure if I like it.  There is pine, and there is wood, like resin, along with hints of spice to put an extra edge on it.  Not my type of scent but it is very outdoorsy.

Cranberry Festival - 'A scrumptious blend of tart cranberries, oranges, apples and the perfect touch of spices.'
Oh my gosh, LOVE this one!  This is one of those warm spiced punch type scents I fell in love with this fall.  It's deep and warm, with lots of spiced cranberry.  Mmm!  This is familiar, so it might be a common scent by other names, but this is going on my must-have list for next fall.

Pumpkin Nog - 'Creamy, vanilla eggnog with pumpkin spices sure to warm up your evenings.'
 I have this one already, and even included one in a mini-giveaway I did recently.  It's a really nice eggnog scent with that familiar pumpkin puree note to make it interesting.  I'd say it's more eggnog than pumpkin so I will melt them for Christmas instead of as a fall scent next year.

Winter Woods - 'A crisp, complex, clean fragrance with notes of earthy outdoors, both warm and smokey.'
This one is very light on cold sniff but I can still tell it's not my type of scent.  I don't really get a smoky note but I get a lot of men's cologne, and I'm just not fond of that for home fragrance.

Frosty Pomegranate - 'Frosty cool, clean peppermints meets mouth-watering tart pomegranate.'
This is interesting.  It's not minty enough to make me think of it as a Christmas scent, but it's still nice.  There is tart juiciness, with a soft minty edge.

Nutmeg & Ginger - 'Freshly grounded spicy nutmeg and bold ginger meet in this wax to create a heartwarming, welcoming scent.'
I was worried when I saw this because there is one spice that I just don't like and I think it might be nutmeg.  But wow!  This is nothing like the dry, bleah scent I was expecting.  This is actually quite deep and creamy.  I do recognize a very slight note of something I think I might not like once this is warmed, but hopefully that stays quietly in the background like it is now on cold sniff.

Oh Sugar Cookie - 'Sugar cookies right out of the oven, notes of sugar, butter and buttercream.'
A basic, yummy sugar cookie scent.  Not quite as rich and buttery as some others I've had, but still very nice.

Christmas Cedar - 'Fresh, woodsy scent of cedar, sandalwood with citrusy orange undertones.'
This was a freebie I received with my order, and while I do thank Bernadette for her generosity, I knew I would not like this.  I don't like cedar.  I don't like sandalwood.  And I don't like woody notes.  I also don't like strong zesty notes and this one has all of those.  lol

White Out - 'Fresh spruce, pine & cedar trees mixes with warm vanilla, fruits and spices.'
I also received this little freebie.  (Thank you again!)  Sadly, I don't think I like this one either.  There is a lot of cedar in this.  Luckily I know people who love these types of scents!

The samplers appear to be sold out now but it looks like you can still order the scents individually.  It probably doesn't matter at this point but the samplers were priced at $15.00 for ten 1.5 oz. scent shots.  The individual scent shots on the site are $1.60 if you find them in stock in the Ready To Ship section, or $1.70 in the custom section.  Shipping is flat rate $7.00 although the site says overages of a dollar or more are refunded.  I placed my order on Friday morning, Nov. 25, had my shipping notice within hours, and received my package on Monday, Nov. 28.  That is one reason Satin Suzie Scents has become a current favorite vendor of mine!  A site that's always open and a TAT that is days instead of months!

Have you tried Satin Suzie Scents yet?


  1. Perfect! You enabled me. I ended up grabbing two samplers. I wanted to wait until Peppermint Noel was in stock but decided, what the heck! It is almost my birthday. Treat myself right? I will give you my minty pomegranate if you give me your sandalwood. Swapsies? Nutmeg and Ginger is a wonderful spice scent. I love it. Enjoy your goodies!

    1. Stinky sandalwood heading your way!


  2. That's some super quick TAT! I picked up two samplers. I can't wait to get them, since I think this'll be my only wax purchase for the rest of the year.

    Cranberry Festival does sound amazing! I can't remember if that one's in my order. I don't remember what scents were in my samplers, now that I think about it. Oh well, early Christmas present for me! LOL

    1. I wasn't sure of what scents were all in mine either, so it was fun to pull them out of the bags and see what they were. I'd thought Peppermint Noel was in the one I ordered but I see now it's not. I'll keep and eye on the site for more, and steal it before Julie gets it. Hehe!