Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Haul - Satin Suzie Scents / Wax

Satin Suzie Scents had a Daylights Savings sale during daylight savings weekend, so I took advantage of it to pick up a few things.  Let's just dive right in!

Lemon & Rosemary - 'A comforting mint blend with green and herbal accents and citrusy tart lemon zest.'
This is the one I really had to get.  I've been so curious about a lemon and rosemary blend ever since reading the Beautiful Creatures series.  The main character has this scent blend associated with her.  I'd checked many vendors at the time but no one had it.  I'd worked a bit with one vendor to see if they'd try doing it, and it never happened.  And then when Bernadette contacted me to try her wax there was a mix up and I still didn't get it.  Well I have it now!  In fact, she threw in an extra!  It's an interesting scent.  My first reaction is that it smells like a cleaner, like a freshly cleaned house.  But it's not bad!  It's not harsh or chemical-y.  It's sweet and deep, strong on the rosemary with a nice brightening splash of lemon.
Pumpkin Nog - 'Creamy, vanilla eggnog with pumpkin spices sure to warm up your evenings.'
 I'm pretty much over pumpkin scents for this year but I couldn't resist when I saw this one.  It's a nice eggnog, the type I prefer with that sort of sour note, a bit of spice, and a hint of rum.  Add to all that, a lovely pumpkin note, more of the puree type, and blend it all together with some warm creaminess.  Very nice.

White Cake - 'Rich white cake with a hint of amaretto.'
I picked this up just to have something non-seasonal on hand.  This is a really nice cake scent, not overly sweet from frosting or anything, but with a healthy almond note to it.  I really like it, at least so far on cold sniff, but I know some people just don't like almond notes.
Cozy Lil' House - 'Sugar and spices warm this cozy home, with notes of apples.'
Grabbed another one of these because I'd enjoyed the one I had so much.  It's a perfect fall scent, or possibly even a Christmas scent.  There is a slight cider note but the scent reminds me of a warm spiced punch drink.

Peppermint Noel - 'The cool, icy scent of peppermint is warmed with vanilla bean noel.'
I also grabbed another one of these because a nice creamy vanilla-mint is my favorite scent for the Christmas season.

Brick House - 'Wild berries in creamy mousse & butter brickle.'
This was one of the freebies I received.  I'm not a fan of wildberry mousse scents, and I've had crap luck with 'brickle' scents, but I kinda like this one!  Maybe I'm just tired of the heavy fall scents and this is appealing to me as a sort of palette cleanser.   The wildberry mousse notes are the strongest, but there is just a little something extra mixing with it, that brickle coming off as almost bakery or crust-like.

Butter Cup - 'This fragrance is a buttery cookie scent with hints of gingerbread.'
 This is the other freebie I received.  When I saw the name Butter Cup my first thought was 'Ugh, not floral.'  But no!  It's actually a very yummy bakery scent.  It's more of the butter cookie, with the hints of gingerbread warming it up.

(Thank you for the extras, Bernadette!)

Once again, I am impressed with this transaction.  Everything was clean and nicely presented.  It was well packaged, the cups coming in cute cello bags, and the order snuggled in packing peanuts in a Regional A priority box.  Scent shots are $1.70 ($1.60 if you find them in stock in the Ready To Ship section), and are advertised as 1.5 oz.  Most of mine were 1.6 oz.  Shipping is a flat rate of $7.00 but it says on the site that she does refund for overages of $1.00 or more.  I placed my order Sunday afternoon, Nov. 6, and received it Saturday, Nov. 12.  That TAT will keep me coming back!!

I see on the site there is going to be a Black Friday Sampler Sale, but no other information is there at the moment.  I will have to keep an eye on that!

Stay tuned for my next mini giveaway, because you will have a chance to try some of these Satin Suzie Scents tarts for yourself!


  1. Ohhh! I haven't heard of Satin Suzie. Will need to check out the site.

    1. Enter my giveaway! Mini-giveaway #2 is four Satin Suzie tarts. =)