Thursday, November 24, 2016

Loot Crate - Wizarding World Box / Nov. 2016

Back in September, someone mentioned a Harry Potter box from Loot Crate.  Since I was already familiar with Loot Crate because Casey subscribes to a couple of their boxes, it didn't take me long to decide to go ahead and sign up.  My first box arrived yesterday!  As you can see, it's a typical black Loot Crate box on the outside.

The fun begins right away with the sticker seal on the box.  'Muggle Worthy,' hehe.

This is the first look inside and I was immediately giddy.
All of the stuff taken out of the box.  See that green box on the right?  Hubby, Ty, and Casey all asked "Is it a wand?"

This is the shirt you see when you first open the box.  I have not seen the Fantastic Beasts movie yet, but this appears to be a newspaper front page that maybe appears in the movie?

I always want to collect these big headed Funko Pop characters.  There are SO many cool ones from all different lines.  I've always held myself back though, because I don't know where I'd put them and the collector in me would want them ALL if I started.  Well, I have one now.

This is a Pigwidgeon stuffed owl.  My Harry Potter memories are all buried and dusty in my brain.  I had to look it up to see that Pigwidgeon was Ron's owl.

A bowtruckle lapel pin.  Not sure what I'll ever do with this, but it's Harry Potter so it's fun.

This is a really cool and really heavy key chain.  I suppose it could be bag charms or something too.

A really freakin' cool journal.  The spine has that cord laced through it.  The edges of the unlined, off-white pages are gold, and it has a leather-ish feel.
Although the symbols on the front and back are different, they both say Magical Congress of the United States of America.

That green box that everyone thought was a wand?  Well, it wasn't.  It was a rolled up scroll with this sticker seal on it.
Unrolled, it is the information 'card' that most subscription boxes have.  It gives information about all of the items in this box.  Had I looked at this first, I would have known that was Ron's owl.  Doh!  lol

So there is my first Wizarding World box from Loot Crate and I'm pretty darn happy with it.  I can't wait to see what's in the next one!

The Wizarding World boxes are $34.99 and come every two months.
Click HERE for more details.
Are you a Harry Potter fan?  Are you familiar with Loot Crate?
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  1. This box is too cool. You have to watch Fantastic Beasts. The bow truckle is my favorite pet of his. Poor old Pig. Such a funny little owl. Enjoy your goodies!!! Kicking myself for missing this box.

    1. You can still sign up! Well, not for this box, but for the subscription in general. Next box comes in January.


  2. I'm dying over this, when I saw this post on IG, I almost had a heart attack thinking that it was the regular loot crate subscription box. My husband was gifted a 3 month a couple years ago, then we extended for 6 more months and the boxes got out of control so we ended it after 9 months.
    I renewed his 3 month subscription for his birthday in December and thought that I had missed this amazing HP theme by one month! I will have to check out this special version, bc it's safe to say that any HP stuff wouldn't have gone to him anyway, it would be mine, all mine! I'm very jealous of your pin and journal, enamel pins are my new obsession and I collect owls too. I'm almost regretting seeing this.

    1. I just posted about my second box today. Go check it out! =)

      My son Casey used to get regular Loot Crate and it was always fun to see the goodies but he stopped after he had accumulated a ton of stuff he'd never use. He took a break from it, then started up with their gaming box and their anime box. Again, he's accumulating a lot of stuff but at least it's more consistently things he's interested in.

      Pins and owls, eh? Well if I ever decide these things need new homes that will appreciate them properly, I know who to contact. lol