Sunday, November 6, 2016

Melted - Satin Suzie Scents / Cozy Lil' House

Cozy Lil' House - 'Sugar and spices warm this cozy home, with notes of apples.'

I know I've had this scent before from somewhere else and I think it might be the same as Cozy Home, from Sweet Fixations.  And that's totally alright because it's a great fall scent!  It's one of those warm, spiced punch types, slightly cider-y.  It seems like more than just apples to me, seems like maybe a bit of orange or cranberry, but it's all warmly spiced, deep and rich.

I melted this 1.5 oz. tart in my Glade hot plate warmer and had wonderfully strong scent throughout the downstairs of my house.  This is my first melt from Satin Suzie Scents and I am happily impressed!  The scent was full and true, it was strong and long lasting, and it still scented the room lightly even after it was cooled and hardened again.  A wonderful first melt from this new-to-me vendor!

And just a quick head's up . . . Satin Suzie Scents is having a Daylight Savings Sale this weekend.  Use code FallBack to get 20% off your order.  I'm not sure exactly when the sale will end tonight, and I realize I'm late in even mentioning it, but I only just noticed it myself.  I *will* be ordering!


  1. I would love this one. Glad it worked for you! I will add this one to the try list.

    1. This is a common fall scent that I know I've had from other vendors. I just can't pinpoint what it is.