Friday, November 4, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 4

Another mellow day at work!  Woohoo!  My supervisor even commented to someone about my improved mood lately.  lol

I'm so anxious for this weekend.  I want to play with my new die cuts and make some cards.  We have several other things we need to get done first but I'm hoping we can stay focused and get those things out of the way quickly.  I really want to just cut and color and create all weekend!

I did get another small package today.  I'll try to get haul pics taken and a post about it tomorrow.

I slept pretty good last night but am super tired again tonight.  Hubby's playing Skylanders right now, so I'm going to finish this quick and go read for a bit before bed.  He says he wants to go along grocery shopping with my tomorrow.  We always spend way more when he goes along.  And he wants to stop at Target to see what's left in their Halloween clearance, maybe get a few more things to go with the Kmart stuff I got the other day.  So yeah, definitely going to spend too much there.  lol

Day 4 thankfulness . . . 
I'm giving up on this.  I have tons to be thankful for in my life but it just comes out sounding stupid when I try to post it here.  And I keep over-thinking the thankful vs. grateful thing.  I'm changing the post titles back to boring ol' Natters too, because I just can't come up with anything clever.  Blogember?  Bleah.

After some comments and after thinking about it, I'm not giving up.  Day 4 thankfulness was for my job.  Although it has caused me huge amounts of stress in this past year or so, it has also been decent enough to me that I've stayed there over 20 years.  It's been steady and reliable, and I'm happy to have decent job in these times when many others struggle.

So anyway, I'm off for tonight.
Hope you all had a gratefully thankful Day 4.


  1. Glad work is going well! That is huge! Can't wait to see your packages. Did you end up getting anything fun at Target? The Halloween stuff was 70% off so I got a motion sensor cawing raven, his eyes light up red, and a motion sensor bat, and a black gauze light up garland. Oh and another pumpkin carving kit since the little knives always break on us.

    1. People were tearing through the Halloween clearance like crazy when we were there. Luckily they weren't going for the things we were going for and we did get four spooky type bottles the go with the other ones I bought recently. Stuff was 90% off when we were there yesterday!