Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 10

Today was an interesting day off.  Hubby and I had a little snit via text this morning.  He's talked a couple times recently about wanting to leave his job.  I've voiced my opinion on the matter and he seemed to have given up the idea, but no, he'd just continued planning but was no longer discussing it with me.  And we got snippy at each other for a while this morning.

I went to my mom's today.  I usually go on Monday or Tuesday, depending on what day I have off, but this week I waited till Thursday because she had a followup visit with her hip doctor today.  They did a new x-ray, he said everything looks great, and that she does not need to come back for any more followups.  She's pretty happy about that.  She also shocked me by switching back to her lighter walker and telling me she could get it in and out of the car herself.  She said she's walking with a cane more and more at home but just does not quite trust going out with it yet.  She's also been walking more and more without anything.  She takes several steps around her kitchen now, did several unaided steps while getting the walker and herself in and out of my car, and just a lot more free-standing.  It was funny because I'm so used to opening the car door for her, waiting for her to get in, then taking the walker and shoving it in the back seat and finally closing the door once she's settled.  Today I reached out to take the walker and she snatched it away, scolding "Let me do it!"  lol

We stopped at Kmart after her appointment.  I had to pick up a popcorn popper that hubby's mom said she wanted for Christmas.  Today is her birthday so we surprised her with it.  She laughed and said "Now what will I get for Christmas?"  Little does she know it will be a big jar of popping corn.  LOL!  She also got the fairy birthday card I made the other day.  She loved it.

Mom and I also stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few things.
 They had a selection of Bolthouse Farms drinks.  I only got this one because they are over a dollar cheaper at Walmart and I will be going there tomorrow.  Turns out I did not like this one much.  It was okay enough that I finished this bottle but I would not choose it again.

I also got this magazine.  I haven't had a chance to really look through it yet but I'm sure it will come in handy for inspiration.

And then when I got home and grabbed the mail, a package I knew would be arriving today was there waiting for me.  I'd gone ahead and placed a substantial order for Lawn Fawn dies from the ScrapbookPal website.
Some of the fun ones I got are these cloud shapes and small tags shapes.
As well as these mountain borders and wave/cloud borders.
The rest of them that I got are more boring frame dies . . . rectangles, circles, stars, etc.  Nothing exciting to look at but things I felt I needed.

I also got my very first Wink of Stella pen!  I have no idea why they're called Wink of Stella but they are glitter pens, or brushes.  There are a variety of colors and I'd like to eventually have them all but this one I started with is clear glitter.  I'm almost one of the cool kids now.  Can't imagine how awesome I'll be when I get my first Copic marker!!

By the time I got home and got a few things taken care of, I didn't have much time to settle in and play with card making stuff.  I got overwhelmed by the possibilities and sat there staring blankly till I felt the crabby frustration creeping in.  Luckily hubby got home from work about then and distracted me.  Tomorrow though, tomorrow I will get to work on something!

Oh hey! I finally got some mail in my PO box.  It was just junk mail, a local ads paper, but it was exciting to finally see something in there.  lol

Alrighty I'm off to read now.
The winner has been announced for my first mini giveaway.  Stay tuned though because I'll have another one starting very soon.

Day 10 thankfulness . . . 
Today I am thankful that the bill for our recent water pipe repair was much smaller than expected.  Seriously, it was a *fraction* of what hubby and I had been expecting.

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