Friday, November 11, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 11

Had a very lovely day today.  Did my shopping early this morning, then got laundry going right away when I got home, and managed to keep fairly busy all day.  

My Walmart expanded their holiday wax section since the last time I was there.  They have some really neat looking, but cheap and waxy smelling, candles.  And they have the Amercian Home (by Yankee) melts back.  I did not sniff them because I knew I wasn't going to be buying any, but I did take some quickie pics for those who might be interested.
 - Fresh Balsam Fir
- Sparkling Cinnamon Spice
- Moonlit Night

 -Sage & Red Berry
- Merry Cherry
- Delicious Cranberry

 - Winter Morning
- Holiday Apple Wreath
- Winter Lodge

- Santa's Treat
- Santa Arrived

I have no idea if any of these are the same as last year.  And why does no one ever have a nice peppermint scent for Christmas?  Looking at these now, I find I am kind of curious about them.  If you know anything more about the scents, let me know.  Have you tried them?

I put up some simple curtains in the craft room.  They are that 'crushed' look material, just light and simple.  The picture doesn't tell you much but it really does help the room feel a bit more homey.

I also bought some cheap, small frames, printed about some favorite pictures of good ol' King Ludwig II, and placed them on one of the craft room shelves.  Just a quirky little thing I thought would be fun to have in there.

I did make one card today but I'm not happy with it.  I think I overdid it on adding things.  Maybe I can carefully peel some things off and salvage it.  If not, maybe I'll just keep it a reminder to keep things simple.  I already know the next one I want to make, but ran out of time today.  I think I'm going to place another order and get some embossing powders and heat gun.  Embossed sentiments look so cool!

Between loads of laundry and other little things, I managed to finally get caught up on the show Lucifer.  I was three weeks behind!  I absolutely love that show.  There is so much wit and snarkiness, but there is seriousness throughout it, and some awesome music.  They keep bringing in interesting ways to look at biblical things.  The most recent episode gave me a sort of Twilight/Cullens vibe because a certain character learned the truth about Lucifer and Maze and now doesn't know how to handle being around them.  I don't know how to explain the Twilight thing I felt.  It's like, Lucifer is the devil and Maze is a demon yet they're just living their lives and have become friends with this other character.  So Lucifer and Maze are like the vampire Cullens, and the other character is like human Bella.  Bleah, I don't know how to explain it.  You should just watch the show, all of you!

Well, it's my weekend to work so I better get to bed.  I did hear that my lines are down tomorrow, so that should make for a mellow day again.  Woot!

Day 11 thankfulness . . . 
Today I thank all the US veterans who have fought and sacrificed so much to keep this country great.
My dad, Kenneth Wustrack, served in WWII.
Today is also my 23rd work anniversary.

How was your Day 11?


  1. It looks like your craft room is really coming together! I love those pictureframes!

    Embossing sounds like so much fun! I could watch videos about it all day on YouTube, then spend hundreds on my own supplies and draw a blank when it comes to making something of my own. LOL!

    Friday was an interesting day. We tried to check out a Veteran's day sale that all of the local military bases were hosting. It was remniscient of Black Friday violence, though, so we instead opted to stay home. Michael says there were physical confrontations over some of the sales and the crowds were big. Nooo thank you!

    Today, Saturday, we wanted to drive to Yongsan and buy groceries in preparation for Thanksgiving, but we remembered that there was a large "civil gathering/march" scheduled for today with a risk rating of HIGH. By large, I'm talking 100,000+ people. @.@ Since driving to Yongsan would take us through and by affected areas, we decided we could wait.

    Overall this has been an exciting holiday weekend so far, though I wouldn't say exciting in any way I wanted. LOL!

    1. Wow, craziness. I think of military families abroad as all sticking together and unified, but I guess not when there are 'Black Friday' sales, huh? lol

      What was the march for??


  2. I have tried the Yankee Candle melts and wasn't impressed. I used them in a lightbulb warmer and had to use 2 cubes to get decent scent and this was the Moonlit Night scent, which you know is pretty strong.

    1. I'll have to sniff Moonlit Night next time I'm at Walmart. I'm not familiar with the scent.

      I know I've tried a couple of the American Home scents but nothing about them really stands out in my memory. I think one might have been strong but the others weak. Rather disappointing.


    2. It's the Walmart version of Midsummers Night (same scent, new name).

    3. Ah, but I'm not familiar enough with Yankee scents in general to know what that is either, so I'll just go give the Walmart one a sniff next time I'm there. =)