Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 15

Ahh, my day off.  I went to my mom's today, got her things done, and then hurried back home thinking I could maybe get the final lawn mowing of the year done.  Nope, it was too chilly and there was a threat of rain so I didn't bother.  Hubby says don't worry about it, but it bugs me seeing it so shaggy, even if we are heading into winter.  I'll see what tomorrow is like, and hopefully get it done then.

I watched this week's episode of Lucifer, which was waiting for me on the DVR.  Still freakin' love that show.  And something in this episode had me going "Yes!  Yes, that's what it should be like!"  This might be a small spoiler so skip to the next paragraph if you think you don't want to know.  So in a recent episode, Lucifer revealed his true self to his therapist.  She, of course, was thrown for a loop by this and has had some trouble adjusting.  Well in this week's episode she was finally willing to see him again, but she just kept asking questions about him being the devil, about hell, about all kinds of things related to this strange new world.  And I was like "YES!" because it irks me in YA paranormal books that I read when the human is with the nonhuman and they're not asking a bajillion questions!  I just thought it was very cool, very funny.

And if you're not watching that show yet, why not?!

Other than that, not much happened.  Started to get a little crabby again because I *wanted* to make cards and things but just couldn't get myself to go in the craft room and do it.  I finally forced myself in there about 7pm this evening and did manage to make one card I'd had in mind.  I think I'm just frustrated that even though I have a lot of the tools now, I still don't have the know-how.  I need to practice more, and allow myself to screw up and waste paper.  I need to practice so I can start to be more efficient.  I need to practice just to get used to being in there and doing it.  I have no plans for tomorrow, so hopefully I can force myself to go play around in there.

For now though, I'm off to read before bed.

Day 15 thankfulness . . . 
Today I am thankful for garbage pickup service out in the country.  When we first moved here we had no such thing.  We had to burn our garbage, and that was a pain in the butt because we had to be careful what we put in it, and it would often accumulate until we had decent weather to burn it in.  Thank goodness our little rural community finally worked out a deal to get pickup service several years ago!

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