Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 17

This day started out with carryover crabbiness from yesterday but turned out quite okay in the end.  I finally got some decent information about my coworker who has been in a coma!  And the news was pretty darn good.

So, this guy had gone in for what was supposed to be a simple surgery to remove a cyst on his spine.  Being on his spine, I'm sure there was some risk but in general it was supposed to be fairly quick and simple.  Turns out during surgery they nicked his colon, which then got infected, and that infection raged throughout his body.  They put him into the induced coma so they could super-medicate him to try and get the infection under control.  He was in that induced coma for two weeks.  I'm not sure when they brought him out of it, but I think it was Sunday or Monday.  As he was waking up they were asking him if he could move any body parts and he moved his hands.  They said that was great, that he still has muscle control.  He's been on dialysis to help his kidneys during this but they are now reducing that.  They took the breathing tubes away, he's breathing on his own now, but has a temporary tracheotomy to help get more air or something.  (Not sure about that part of it all.  Something about fluid in his lungs.)  They had him standing up today, and spent time sitting in a chair.  They stopped sedation today so he'll be sleeping and waking on his own now.  He's probably got some rehab coming but dang, at least he's pulling through.  There was a very real fear at work that he would die.  So yeah, this is all pretty exciting to hear.

And then when I got into my car after work, Christmas music was on my favorite oldies station!  It was so fun to hear that!  I mean, yeah, I've been hearing it in stores for a while now, and in commercials, but to hear actual regular Christmas songs in rotation on the radio was exciting.  We're THAT close to Christmas?!
It was fun to hear on the way home but I won't listen to too much of it until the day after Thanksgiving.

On those happy notes, I am off to read now.

Day 17 thankfulness . . . 
Today I am thankful for the good news about my coworker, and that he is finally on the road to recovery.

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  1. Glad to hear he is well. I cannot even imagine the trauma he and his family went through after all that.

    1. I know! He was supposed to be coming back to work already, it was just supposed to be a simple thing. Now he might not ever be coming back! Unreal.