Friday, November 18, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 18

Pretty good day at work today.  Got a little crazy towards the end of the day but it all worked out.  The weather also turned crazy towards the end of the day.  We started this morning in the 50s, got up to the mid 60s in the afternoon, and then dropped 20 degrees in about two hours as evening arrived.  The wind has picked up too.  It's blowing hard out there right now!  They say there is a chance of rain/snow mix tonight, and some snow this weekend.

Casey is away with a couple friends this weekend.  They went to an anime convention.  They're staying at the hotel right where the convention is, so they'll be geeking it up all weekend.

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?  We're less than a week away now!

Well, I can't think of anything else exciting to report so I'll just head off to bed with my book now.

Day 18 thankfulness . . . 
Today I'm thankful that Minion catches mice, and thankful that hubby catches the mice the Minion has caught and toyed with and allowed to get away.


  1. Glad work went well. For some reason I imagine that kind of weather at night to be thrilling. Did you curl up with some hot cocoa and a book?

    An anime convention sounds fun. I hope he enjoys it. I have always wanted to go to a comicon but never manage to get my junk together enough to actually plan and buy the tickets. Maybe that can be a bucket list item for next year.

    Mice! Poor lil fellas. They don't stand a chance with Minion after them. Though Scarlette would love mice running around everywhere I don't think I would enjoy it very much. Good job, Minion and Kurth!

    1. Casey found (and bought) a new Munchkin expansion that we hadn't seen before. They're also having Pokemon tournaments, Pokemon cosplay, Harry Potter stuff, and some other names *I* recognize. A lot of it is stuff I don't know much about but he does. I bet they're in geek heaven this weekend.

      I have not started on cocoa yet this season. I almost did today because it was a cold and boring day, but kept reaching for Mt Dew instead.