Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 19

Well, we did get snow last night.  And lots of wind.  There was a wind advisory last night and all day today, making things much more miserable than they should have been.  We did not get a lot of snow, just a light covering on things, and a lot of it melted as the day went on.  But still, always fun to see that first snow of the season.
This pic was later in the morning, when some had already started to melt.

Hubby went grocery shopping with me this morning.  We got the last of our things for Thanksgiving, so we're all set for that now.  We weren't sure if we were going to have a Kringle this year because I'd ordered a pumpkin cream roll up thing from someone at work (kids school fundraiser), but in the end we decided to get one just in case we don't like the pumpkin thing.  Having a Kringle became a tradition of ours years ago when hubby was still at his previous job.  The owners gave all the employees local made Kringles for Thanksgiving.  When hubby left that job, Ty was still working there so he still brought a Kringle over for Thanksgiving.  A year or two ago though, the company was bought by someone else and the Kringle tradition ended.  We had to go buy our own.  *sigh*

It's been a very quiet and mellow day around here without Casey.  It seems like a week night, because he's either sleeping or gone to work then.  Ty was here for a while, did his laundry and chitchatted.  He says he'll be over for Thanksgiving.

I ordered some more craft stuff today.  I went ahead on picked a heat tool and some embossing powders for myself instead of waiting to see if Santa would bring them.  Hopefully they get here soon so I can do some embossing on Christmas cards.  I'm not sure all the cards we send this year will be handmade.  It depends on how many we send and how many I actually get made.  I did get one made this evening though, my first Christmas card!
I did not make that embellishment in the middle.  That was bought last year when my coworker dragged me shopping at Hobby Lobby.  I really like how this one turned out.  I'm itching to get back in there tomorrow morning, but I'm pretty sure in the morning I'll find a million reasons to put it off.  WHY do I do that?!

And now I will head up to bed.  I've had sinus cooties happening all day today, and now I have an ear ache on top of it.  Yay for drastic weather changes!

I hope your Saturday was happy and fun.
Do you have your turkey bought yet??

Day 19 thankfulness . . . 
Today I am thankful for life in Wisconsin.  I'm thankful I live where we get the full fall and winter experience.  We get the cooler weather in fall, and the gorgeous colors.  We get the snow and cold in winter, perfect for Christmas.  True, there are times when we don't actually have snow on the ground for Christmas day, but I can't imagine living somewhere that stays warm all year.  I hear my warm weather friends get excited about their cold weather 70s and I just have to chuckle.  So yes, I am thankful for living in Wisconsin.

By the way, the winner for Mini-Giveaway #2 has been chosen and posted, and Mini-Giveaway #3 will start soon!  Hopefully tomorrow!

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