Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 2

Once again, like the blog says, it's always something.  We had our septic tank pumped and inspected today, as is required every three years.  All the times before this there has never been a problem.  This time, there are notes all over the inspection summary, pointing out all kinds of problems.  I guess we'll be having this all checked into next spring.  Ugh.

I had such high hopes that this would be a better day than yesterday but once again I'm slipping into that super crabby funk after the initial morning high.  I got several little things done right away in the morning, got those Thanksgiving decorations put out, then did a quick trip to town because hubby wanted me to grab some Halloween clearance things.
I admit, these all do look freakin' awesome.  And they were all 50% off at Kmart.  I already have visions of where they'll be set next Halloween.  Just hoping now that my mood about it is better next year.

Once I got home from that is when things started to nosedive again.  I need to just stay away from the computer, plain and simple.  I need to allow myself time in the morning and evening to check email and favorite sites, but other than that I need to learn how to step away and get other things done.  But no, I leave it on all day and I'm constantly 'Oh I'll just check this quick,' every time I walk by.  That of course leads to 'I'll check this too as long as I'm here,' and then 'I wonder if there is anything new . . . ' and half my day is piddled away.  And then I get crabby.

On the brighter side, I received a surprise package from my sister the other day.
It arrived on Halloween, which was perfect considering what was in it.

How cool looking are these candles?!  They should go nicely with the Halloween things I just bought at Kmart!  These are 4 oz. Tuscany brand candles.  I can't find descriptions of them anywhere and you know I'm not very good without a description to guide me.  The Grave Dust one smells vaguely familiar.  There is a bit of spice, and something like maybe pumpkin . . . ?  Black Cat Claws is much sweeter, almost berry-like, or maybe wildberry mousse type.  I prefer the Grave Dust one.  I don't know if we'll burn these though, because I think they just look so cool as Halloween decorations.

She also sent this Tuscany clamshell in Apple Cider Donuts scent, which I received from someone else earlier this fall and have mentioned in a previous post.  I have not seen these around here.  Looks like everyone outside of Wisconsin gets the cool stuff.

Hubby collects shot glasses, so she sent this one.  I don't think we have Wyoming yet, so this is much welcomed.

I collect postcards so as she and her family moved across the country recently, she got postcards for me from most of the states they traveled through.

Thank you, Sheri!

Since no one has chimed in to try and clarify thankful vs. grateful for me, I'm just going to wing it.

Day 2 thankfulness:
My sister.
Although our relationship has had some bad bumps in the road and we're not nearly as close as we used to be, there was a time when we were best friends and I think that bond that sisters have is still there underneath it all.

And now I'm off to read

What are you thankful for today?

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