Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 20

The Vikings won today!  Woohoo!  It felt good to actually get excited about a game again.  Detroit won too, and since they're tied for first place with the Vikings, the game they play against each other on Thanksgiving will be pretty exciting too.

It was a pretty mellow day around here other than the game.  I didn't get as much done in the craft room as I'd hoped.  A big part of that was because hubby decided he wanted to craft too, so I had to show him how to do the stamping and die cutting.  He did get one Christmas card done though, and so did I.  I can't show the one I made yet, because it's going to someone who reads the blog.  I will show it later in December though.

Casey returned from his weekend at the anime convention.  He had all kinds of books and posters and things he bought.  And he had an interesting (and scary!) tale to tell about how he almost drowned.  What?!  You see, the hotel where they stayed and where the convention was held, was part of a large and well known water park.  Casey doesn't know how to swim but he'd been going on some of the safe 'rides' with his friends.  There was one slide they all assumed had a shallow landing pool at the end, so they all took a turn.  Except no, it was a nine foot pool.  The lifeguard pulled Casey out.  I didn't ask too many details because I was mildly freaking just hearing about it, and he seemed to be trying not to get upset himself.  He said he was sort of dazed the rest of the day, but was otherwise fine.

One of my brothers emailed today, saying he and his wife would host a family get together after Thanksgiving.  My first reaction was no, I don't want to go.  I'm so anti-social these days, and we've all grown so far apart, but hey, they're making the effort so I guess we can make an appearance.  At the same time, I'm a little excited about.  We usually do have fun when we drag ourselves to these gatherings, and we used to do it all the time years ago.  Maybe it'll be great and make it feel more like the holidays of old.

Alrighty, I'm off to read now.  I didn't sleep too well last night.  Hopefully I can conk out tonight.

Did your team win today?

Day 20 thankfulness . . . 
Today I'm thankful that this series is almost over.  LOL  It's kinda hard to come up with something each day!  I mean, yeah, I know I have tons to be thankful for but to sit down and choose one thing to mention each evening is proving difficult.

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  1. I think it'd be awesome to go to your brother's for a little get together. I might still be riding the high of all of the stuff I've thrown on my plate recently, though, so I might be biased. :P
    That's so cool that your hubby was interested in doing some crafty things! Michael knows all about my craft interests (whether he wants to or not; I'm a bit of a yapper) but he doesn't care to try it out himself.
    The Broncos haven't played yet, so I can't say whether they've won or lost. They won last week, so that's a plus.
    I babysat today and something tells me I'm going to sleep quite soundly once I start laying down... LOL

    1. Hubby likes doing crafty stuff, usually glass painting and wood working. The craft room is supposed to be for him too, and his paints, etc. are in there, but no...he wanted to try card making that day. lol


  2. How nice that they are trying to get together again. I hope if you decide to go that it is relaxing and enjoyable. <3

    Vikings are killing it! Adam and I didn't go see Fantastic Beasts, with Scarlette having step and all but he did watch the game and I listened a bit. I asked him if we could watch the movie as a family tomorrow so we will see. We rarely ever watch movies in the theater so it would be nice.

    I am DYING to see his card!! LOL!! I love that he elbowed his way into your craft room to have some fun with ya. So cool.

    I don't even know what to think about Casey almost drowning. Scarlette almost did when she was a toddler even with infant swim classes and it really chilled me to the core. Glad to hear he is ok.

    Only a few more days to be thankful for something!! Have you been thankful for Kringles yet? I almost bought another one.

    1. I'll post a pic of his card in one of the Blogmas posts. He hasn't tried another since then. I think he was quite frustrated, tried to cram a little bit of everything into it.

      Our get together at my brother's is tomorrow and, as usual, I'm not wanting to go. It's the whole social anxiety thing.