Monday, November 21, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 21

Went to my mom's today.  She wanted to go to St. Vinnie's to look for a small chair or stool for her bathroom.  She was happy to find one for $5.00.  She wanted to go to Dollar Tree and pick up a few things, and was happy to find a couple cute Christmas decorations.  She wanted to go to Walmart to get some last minute things for Thanksgiving and "I just wanna look" for flannel night gowns.  She was absolutely thrilled beyond belief to find one with cardinals on it.  She is cardinal obsessed.  It was all quite humorous.

Even with all those stops, I did get back home at a fairly decent time.  Then I couldn't decide if I wanted to work on cards, play Skylanders, or watch the Netflix movie that's been sitting here for a while.  I most wanted to work on cards but the need to get that movie sent back won out.  It was called The Ones Below, and it was pretty good.  It was about a couple who just had a baby, and their peculiar downstairs neighbors.  I think it was labeled a thriller, and it was the kind of thriller that I like.  It was a mind thriller, not a blood and guts gore 'thriller.'  And it was one of those movies where everything is not really explained.  There were plenty of things that left me wondering.  It was interesting to find out that the main girl was also in the Harry Potter movies.  She played Fleur Delacour!

I did manage to get into the craft room for a bit this evening.  Didn't finish any cards, but did do some prep work.  I'm pretty sure I'll only get a few Christmas cards done this year.  It's still not coming easily enough to me yet.  I've been spending so much time watching card making videos, and scouring Instagram looking at cards.  I've been watching a lot of informational videos too, and learning a lot but also getting overwhelmed.  So much to learn about dyes, and markers, and tools and techniques.  So yeah, I think this year will still mainly be store bought cards for Christmas and hopefully by next year I'll have learned enough and gathered enough supplies to be able to make all my own.

Haven't heard back from my brother yet about the finalized date of the get together.  We'll be having our own Thanksgiving dinner here on Thursday, regardless, so our big ol' turkey has come out of the freezer and into the fridge to start thawing.  I've decided we'll take the pumpkin rollup thing over to my brother's, and we'll have the Kringle for our own dessert here.  Yay, the Kringle tradition continues!

I work tomorrow and Wednesday and then have a four day weekend.  Hopefully work goes by quickly and smoothly!

And now, as always, I'm off to read before bed.

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Day 21 thankfulness . . . 
Today I am thankful for the times of peace and quiet that I often find on my days off.  I was sitting here today for a bit, after I'd gotten home from my mom's, and had no TV or radio on.  I was just sitting, staring blankly at my computer screen, and letting my mind wander.  It was relaxing and I was almost nodding off, and then Casey comes clomping down the stairs and looks at me all weird and asks "Why are you sitting here all quiet?"  Ugh.  Go back upstairs, boychild.


  1. So glad I read this tonight before bed! Just had Adam take the turkey out of the freezer and put in the fridge. Whew. Crisis averted from reading your blog. Thank you!!

    That movie sounds interesting. But not sure if I can do the whole baby involved thing. Kids and horror creep me out.

    I have been turning off the TV shows and having the crackling fire playing in the background the past few days. The quietness of it is pretty soothing. Time to bust out the winter DVD soon. <3

    1. Glad the blog is of service once again! lol

      The movie was quite tame, just all in your head type stuff.

      I should buy one of those DVDs for myself if I come across them again. It would be neat to have a small TV in the craft room.