Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 24 / Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope your day was wonderful, however you spent it.  Mine turned out to be quite lovely, just as I'd hoped.  We just stayed home for it, and it was only the four of us.  No pressure, no worries.  We'd planned to eat a little later than usual because the Vikings-Lions game started at 11:30am.  The turkey ended up getting done sooner than expected, and we actually missed the end of the game while we scrambled to get all the other foods prepped.  The Vikings lost anyway, so maybe it's good we didn't see that.  It was an exciting game though, because the Vikings and Lions were tied for first place in their division.  The Lions are on top now.  We're still ahead of the Packers though, which makes it all okay.

We had a lovely meal, all the traditional foods.  Of course we all ate too much.  Ty and Casey hung out for a while, playing videos games in Casey's room.  That was cool because sometimes they don't get along enough to hang out like that.  Later, we played one of the new Munchkin games Casey had bought at that anime convention he went to last week.  It was Munchkin - Gloom, and it was quite different than the Munchkin we're familiar with.  It was quite fun though.  I'm looking forward to playing it again when we're not all so stuffed and tired.  lol

Ty headed home in the evening, and Casey went to bed, so now hubby is watching football and starting a Christmas jigsaw puzzle while I get some blogging done.

I did get those Thanksgiving decoration pics taken.  I was hoping for a brighter day but no, it was gray and dreary, so the pictures are less than stellar.
My mother-in-law dropped off this bouquet yesterday while we were at work.  It's so pretty!
We have it on the coffee table in the living room so we can guard it from the cats.  So far though, they've stayed away.

The usual items on the end table in the corner of the living room, by the window.  The pumpkin on the left is a year or two old.  The turkey on the right is ancient.  I think I brought that from home when I moved out, so we're talking 25+ years . . . if it's the one I think it is.  And that little turkey in the middle is something one of the boys made in school when they were small.  I think it was Casey, but there is no name or year on it.

This turkey is newer, but still probably 20 years old.  He's hanging out on the DVD shelves on the other side of the living room.

The corner stand with old family photos has some small Thanksgiving decorations.

The buffet, which is always decorated for whatever season or holiday it may be.  I love love love how those three little pumpkins on the left look together.  The candy dish on the right is actually the leftover cornucopia basket from the flower arrangement my mother-in-law gave us last year.  I thought it was a cute idea to have candy spilling out of it.

On the kitchen table, just a nice dish towel with this wood-looking plastic plate on it.  LOVE how these two pumpkins look here.  The picture does not do it justice at all.

Some fun little sun catchers that I painted years ago.  Some are cracked and chipped from getting knocked on the floor.  And you can see outside, our bare trees and bare fields and gloomy sky, all lovely fall things.

Little shelf in the kitchen.

On the kitchen counter below that shelf.

An old pumpkin and scarecrow on top of the fridge.

Mario wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  This is on the fridge.  The Mario came in one of Casey's recent Loot Crates, and he stuck it here one day.  lol

And the two cards we received.  Both are very nice.  Too bad one is a mass mailing from our insurance agent.  LOL

There are a few more little scattered things around the house, like pumpkin themed salt and pepper shakers, and a banner across the living room doorway, but I didn't take pictures of everything.  There are a few small things outside too, but again, it was cold and wet out there so I didn't bother.

And now we wind down Thanksgiving and this Thankful Natters series comes to an end.  I'm happy to say I did not miss a day of posting!  No cheater catch-up posts like during Blogtober.  I've enjoyed doing this, even if it did get difficult to actually come up with something I'm thankful for each day.  I'm glad I did it but I'm also glad it's ending tonight.

Day 24 thankfulness . . . 
Today I'm thankful for, cliche as it may be, my family and the time we got to spend together today.  It was so soooo nice to just have the four of us here, no one else, no interruptions.

You still have time to enter Thankful Mini-Giveaway #3 if you go HERE.
I will choose a winner tomorrow afternoon (Friday, Nov. 25).

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  1. Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving! I had a wonderful one with family too. I love seeing your decor and hearing a bit of the history behind the items. Charming!

  2. Your food plate makes me hungry just looking at it. Glad it was a beautiful holiday for you. You deserve it. And I am sure your family is thankful for you. Did my puny letter ever arrive?

    1. Your letter did arrive! And I love it, no matter how puny. I love snail mail! Thank you so much.