Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 3

Worked today and it was rather mellow again.  That's perfectly fine with me!  I had a chance to scribble down a shopping list for our Thanksgiving meal, also started a list of some Christmas things.  Got some updates on my coworker Parish and things still don't sound good.  I think he's still in the induced coma, and the latest set back is something with his kidneys.  None of us can figure out how it went from a simple surgery to all this.

The craft table we ordered arrived yesterday.  Hubby was going to start assembling it today when he got home but ended up waiting because he wanted my opinion on which end we wanted the drawers vs. shelves on, and which way it's going to be positioned in the room.  When I got home this evening we looked it all over and decided how we want it.  At least we think we know how we want it.  He's going to try working on it tomorrow after work.

I was expecting a package today but I see it didn't come.  Boooo!  It's a small Lawn Fawn order.  Hopefully it comes tomorrow because I'm hoping like crazy I can do a lot of crafting this weekend!

I'm super tired this evening, and have been all day.  I totally just want to go to bed for about four days.  I wanted to get this post done though, so here it is, and off I go.

Day 3 thankfulness:
Mountain Dew.


  1. So craftroom it is? Exciting! Will you take pics of the new craftroom when it is done? My dad used to live off Mountain Dew. Adam likes a good Code Red but they are hard to find.

    1. Craft room it is! It's kinda cool getting things settled in there, and figuring out all the little things I need to get. Like a small wastebasket, a clock, possibly a radio.

      Code Red is easy to find around here. We have it once in a while. We like the orange one more, whatever that one is called, but regular ol' Dew is what we practically live on.