Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 6

The Vikings lost today.  What the flip is going on?  They were 4-0 in preseason, and 5-0 to start the season.  Now they've lost 3 in a row.  At least this game wasn't as horrible as the other two.  This one actually went into overtime.  Still, it was a loss.  But hey, the Packers lost too and that makes me happy!

I played around in the craft room quite a bit today, completed two cards.  I'll try to get decent pics of them tomorrow.  I had fun doing these two but it's still an overwhelming process for me at the moment.  I'm awkward in my noobiness about all aspects of it.  The table was a disaster area, piled high with everything by the time I was done.  I had one tiny little space to work.  Definitely need to get more efficient!  lol  And still so many little tools I need to make things easier!  So, tomorrow I am going to Joann's to see what I can find in-store and then when I get back home I'll be placing some orders for things I couldn't find.

Hubby talked to his parents the other day.  They said they probably won't join us this year for Thanksgiving.  I like my in-laws but this news makes me very happy!  I love when Thanksgiving is just me and my menfolk lounging around home while the traditional meal is cooked and inhaled.  We bought our turkey yesterday while grocery shopping.  It's a big 22 pounder.  Yes, we love some Thanksgiving turkey 'round here!  We used to get a free turkey from work but they've gotten smaller and smaller over the years.  Last year Casey and I each declined ours.  The ones that aren't claimed by employees are then donated.  Last year about a third of the turkeys were donated so this year work is just giving out $20 gift cards instead.  That's cool.

The daylight savings change is kicking my butt this time.  Usually I have no problem with it and roll my eyes at people who claim to, but geez, I am really tired . . . again.  My days have been really good lately but I seem to be totally exhausted by the end of them.  I guess my happy mood is so out of shape that it takes all my effort to sustain it.  *snort*

Well anyway, I'm very tired and my body thinks it's past bedtime so I am off.

Day 6 thankfulness . . . 
Today I am thankful for lazy days at home.

What are you thankful for?
And did your team win today?


  1. Lazy days at home are the best. A gift card is nice. And a 22lb turkey?! Wowza!!! That is awesome. We can only buy 16 pounders because that is all that will fit into the fryer. Adam is struggling with the time change this year too. He keeps waking up at 5am and then her wakes me up.

    1. LOL - That 22lb turkey doesn't even last very long here. Give me a plateful of white meat leftovers and a shaker of salt, and I'm in heaven.