Monday, November 7, 2016

Thankful Natters - Day 7

It was a big of a crabby day today.  I'd wanted to go to Joann's and get some crafty things but browsing the site before going to town showed me that most of the things were 'online only.'  I did make a quick trip to Walmart to get a few things like cheap clock and wastebasket for the craft room.  Tried to just relax the rest of the day but couldn't focus on anything.  Tried to watch a BBC version of The Other Boleyn Girl but didn't like it and gave up about 20 minutes in.  Tried to play Skylanders but gave up on that too.  Paced around the house, thought about taking a nap, ended up watching card making videos.

This is one of the cards I made yesterday.  It will be going to my mother-in-law.

This is the other one I made yesterday.  Not sure who it will go to yet.  Possibly my in-laws again.

I didn't work on any cards today.  I want to wait until I get a few more dies, some border ones that I ordered.  I was thinking about making mini cards today.  Back when I had my soap shop on Etsy I often ordered little 3x3 cards from other Etsy vendors and used them as thank you notes in soap orders I sent out.  Since I want to do some little giveaways through this holiday season I thought it would be cute to have mini cards to include in the packages.

Speaking of giveaways, don't forget to enter my first holiday one HERE!
The one exciting thing that happened today was that I fell in love with this drink.  Casey had gone to town with me and it's because of him that I got this.  He's been drinking those Naked fruit and veggie juices lately.  I've often looked at them but always pass because they're quite spendy for the little bottle you get.  He noticed them at Walmart today and was happy to find a much larger variety than what the local gas station has (where he's been getting them) so I paused to look too.  I decided to get this Bolthouse Farms brand Vanilla Chai Tea, and . . . omg . . . I am in love.  Next time I get groceries I am splurging and trying other flavors.  Or maybe I'll just get a hundred of this one flavor.  It's sooooo yummy!

And that's about it for today's excitement.  Oh, no, I forgot something!  The Vikings are having kicker tryouts because their current kicker has gotten so completely sucky.  We should have won that game yesterday but when he missed an extra point, a field goal, and had a blocked kick it kind of handed it to the other team.  And Coach Zimmer was pretty harsh and blunt about the fact they're trying out kickers.  Ouch.

Okay, now I'm off to bed.

Day 7 thankfulness . . . 
I'm thankful for spending money.  It allows me to pursue crazy hobbies and buy little things to give back to you guys.  So enter the giveaway!


  1. Your cards are so beautiful! I always enjoy seeing what crafty things you are working on. I LOVE that chai tea drink too! Discovered it at the truck stops a few years ago; one of the few semi-healthy tasty drinks available. I love your giveaway prizes but since I already have both of them I will sit this one out. You have excellent taste though. -Amanda

    1. Aw, thank you. =)

      Hopefully you get in on one of the little giveaways. I'm having fun coming up with ideas!


  2. Those cards are kawaii! The wee mice really cheer me up. I bet your Mother-In-Law will love them!

    I enjoy the Bolthouse Farms drinks. Vanilla Chai is pretty amazing. I like the green one too. Green Goodness? Something like that. It tastes like apples to me.

    And I am thankful for money too! I will enter your giveaway. <3

    1. Thanks!

      Taking my mom shopping today so hopefully I can snag another Vanilla Chai. =)