Thursday, December 1, 2016

Band of Bloggers - Vol. 12 / December 2016

 A full year of fragrant sharing with the Band of Bloggers rounds out 2016. Thank you for supporting the blogger community and taking the time to read and participate in our posts. We will be continuing the Band of Bloggers in 2017 but with some new writers and blogs to follow. Thank you Sunnee and Michelle for this past year of fellowship. We will miss you!

Did you have any favorite wax moments this year? A vendor who went above and beyond? A blend that knocked your socks off? Did you have a RAOK or wax community experience that left you warm and fuzzy? Please share some of your favorite wax moments of 2016 with us. 

2016 was not a very big wax year for me.  The thrill sort of wore off for a variety of reasons.  One of the most exciting wax related things was getting to try Satin Suzie Scents, and what's interesting about that is she found us thanks to Band of Bloggers.  How fun is that?  To know something our little waxy bloggy community just quietly puts out there each month actually helped?  Pretty cool!  And Satin Suzie Scents has now become my current favorite vendor.

I fell in love with spiced fruit scents this fall and it's carrying over into the Christmas season.  That was interesting to me since I'm usually all about the warm and cozy pumpkin blends in the fall.  Oh!  One of the most curious and exciting scent finds was Fall Into Autumn, from Better Homes & Gardens.  It is marketed for fall with the name and label picture and the release time, but it is one of the best *Christmas* blends I've ever come across!

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Sunnee, at Fragrance Obsessed.

Thank you and have a beautiful rest of 2016!


  1. I thought it was cool she found us through the BoB too. I saw Liz's awesome review of her wax and loved that we all got to try it and that we all very much enjoyed it! Enough to go back and buy more. <3

    Hey. I am so excited about trying that scent. You keep teasing me!!!! Thank you for the giveaway. Do you think you will like wax in 2017?

    1. I think I will like wax in 2017. Hopefully now that I'm in a happy place I will get back to liking wax a lot. And I think that I'll even be able to enjoy lighter scents because the craft room is small, so if I melt weaklings in there it should still work out. Yay!


  2. I was wondering how Bernadette came across our blogs! It's so cool that our little monthly posts caught her eye!

    I've been melting pumpkin and cinnamon scents like they're going out of style this year. SO. GOOD. Like Julie, I can't wait to see how Fall into Autumn does! You've mentioned it several times now, and I feel like it's making me super hyped for the scent.

    1. Bernadette mentioned in her original email to me that she'd been following Band of Bloggers. Even before seeing her actual reason for writing, I was wowed at that BoB mention!

      I'm afraid now that I've hyped Fall Into Autumn too much and you guys will all think 'Is she crazy?' LOL