Monday, December 5, 2016

Blogmas - Day 11

I was going to do my holiday decor post tonight but time got away from me this evening so I'm just going to do a quickie post instead.

Went to my mom's today.  It was just laundry today since sidewalks and roads were slushy and slick, and she doesn't want to be walking on that and possibly slip.  I got back home early in the day and high hopes for creating wonderful things in the craft room, especially since a couple more of my orders arrived in today's mail.  But nope, the usual delay tactics kicked in and I avoided the room, and when I finally did go in there I hit that wall of blankness.  I gave up for a while, tried to work on the puzzle and watch some murder shows but my mind kept going back to card making.  Went back into the craft room to try again and managed one card that just didn't turn out anything like I wanted.  *sigh*

Elsewhere, Casey is going to call about seeing an apartment tomorrow.  There is an opening in the building across the street from where Ty lives.  It's a lot cheaper and more conveniently located than the ones he and his friends were looking at earlier this year.

Hubby and I watched the new Ghostbusters movie tonight.  We enjoyed it.  I only vaguely remember the original.  It was so funny to see how they worked the original cast members into this one.  I want to watch the original ones now!  I actually remember more of the second one than the first one.  I don't think we have them on DVD though.  Might pop them onto our Netflix list.

Not much Christmas stuff happened today.  I did send two packages out, and my mom sent some things home with me to include in a box that will go to my sister, but other than that, nothing overly festive today.  I need to get to work on Christmas cards since it's obvious we'll be sending out store bought ones at least one more year.

I guess that's about it.

Do you send your Christmas cards out early or last minute?
Or do you not send them at all?

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