Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Blogmas - Day 12

I totally forgot to post last night!  I wasn't busy or crabby or anything, just plain ol' forgot!  Bleah!  So I'm doing a quickie cheater post this morning and will do regular current day post tonight.

Anyway, the biggest thing that happened on Day 12 was news that my coworker (who was in a coma last month) is out of the hospital and back home now.  He uses a walker for now because he's still weak, and he'll be doing some therapy and rehab for a while, but that's okay.  He might be back to work afterall.  There had been some talk that he might never work again.  Heck, we weren't even sure he'd live for a while!  So yes, this is all great news.

It has turned cold and windy here in wintry Wisconsin.  Temps creeped into the 30s yesterday but the wind knocked the feel of it back to the 20s.  Now today temps are only supposed to get into the mid 20s, and the wind is worse so it'll only feel like temps in the teens.  Brrrrr!  So not looking forward to this winter!  I really am getting old.  lol

That's about it for yesterday.  I'm off to work now and will hopefully remember to post Day 13 tonight!

Is it cold where you live??


  1. That is good news indeed. Glad he made a full recovery and may even come back to work. <3

    Not cold yesterday but today will stay in the 70's and tomorrow will be chilly with a high of 61 and a low of 47. Definitely sweater weather right there for me. Keep warm!

    1. We're supposed to get super cold next week. I heard this morning that it will only be single digits by mid-week. Nooooooo! I'm too old for this! lol