Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Blogmas - Day 13

This will be another quickie post because nothing much happened today.  I worked.  It was fine.  The weather was cold and windy.  I've really come to hate wind these past couple years.  I don't remember it being so windy so often?!

There were a couple packages waiting for me when I got home, but pics and haul posts will have to wait till tomorrow.  It wasn't even any of the stuff I'm *really* waiting for.

Someone put up a sad little tree in the breakroom at work today.  Yep, plopped right there between the garbage and the fridge.  lol

On that festive note, I am off to read before bed.

What's festive in your world this evening?


  1. What a fun little tree! That would bring a smile to my face every time I passed it. Looking forward to your haul posts.
    After work/last night was very busy but festive. Right when I got off work Adam took the girls and I to eat at this NY Deli place called Too Jay's then we popped over to Target to buy gifts/clothes for one of the angel girls on our church tree. We got home then I wrapped them to drop off at church today. Then I crashed into bed. So tired. I need to wrap the girls gifts and still need to finish buying something for my mom and Adam.

    Hope you have a good day today!

    1. I need to start wrapping and getting organized so I know what I still need to buy. I'm itching to go to Target and get some of their unique candies and munchies for stocking stuffers.

      Funny you mention the angel tree, because we were joking about that at work for that little tree. There were no decorations on it at first, so we were joking that we could all put our little wish ornament on it and management has to buy for us. lol


    2. LOL! Deb writes "Lawn Fawn and books please."

    3. Yes! Or "More vacation days." lol