Thursday, December 8, 2016

Blogmas - Day 14

My day off today.  It was a fairly nice day, fairly mellow.  I had no real plans, just wanted to play around in the craft room if I could.  I did get two cards made and was happy to finally try a new-to-me color technique, but there was still some frustration.  I know it won't get easier without practicing and wasting some paper.  I know I won't figure out a more efficient system until I'm doing it enough for things to fall into place.  It's just frustrating right now because I'm still so bumbling about it all.  I hate wasting supplies so I'm always trying to get everything perfect the first time.  And there are still SO many tools and things I need and want!

This is one I made today.  I don't think I've shown this nativity die yet, because I'm still waiting for some other things to arrive and then I'll do one big collective haul.  Anyway, this is the second version of this card.  The first was supposed to be white on white, with the front layer raised on foam tape.  I hadn't considered though, how fine and dainty those scenery details are, so there was no way to get foam tape behind them.  I like this second version but still not as much as the white on white looked in my head.  lol

This is the other one I made today.  The picture makes the lights look kind of splotchy but they're really not.  I think the shimmer makes it looks that way.  This was supposed to have a yellow light on it but I found I don't have any yellow ink yet.  It was going to be purple and yellow for the Vikings, going to a Packer fan friend of ours.

This is one I made a while ago but couldn't show at the time because it was going to someone who reads the blog.  She has the card now, so I'm finally showing it.  The picture doesn't pick up the shimmer on the star.  I made this before I'd gotten the nativity scene die.

I can finally show this one too, because she has also received this one.  It's a birthday card and I think the mermaids give it away who this went to.  lol

I'm still waiting for packages to arrive.  I got a couple yesterday but neither are the really fun things I'm waiting for.
This was one of them.  We have quite a few Vikings ornaments on our tree and this is the one we chose to get this year.

The other packages from yesterday is my Bath & Body Works order.  None of it is for me, all going to others as Christmas presents.  I'll still do a haul if anyone is interested.

Other than that, about the only festively exciting thing around here is that we finished our third and final Christmas puzzle of this season.
They were fun to do but I'll be glad to get that card table out of the living room finally.  Actually, I'll probably sit there tomorrow and get Christmas cards written out and ready to mail, and then put the table away.  It'll be nice to actually be able to see the Christmas tree while sitting on the couch.  LOL  (It's been blocking the view these past two weeks.)

Okay, off to read now.  I'm almost done with my current book, which I've been just poking along on for so long now.  Not sure what I'll ready next, perhaps go back and revisit Harry Potter.

OH!  We got our first Christmas card of the season today!  That was fun!
Okay, NOW I'm off to read.

How was your Death of John Lennon Day?
(Do you remember when he died?  Were you even alive?)

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