Friday, December 9, 2016

Blogmas - Day 15

I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning.  Usually I'm up and at 'em at 5:30am no matter if it's a work day or a day off.  I can't sleep in even if I try.  Today though, surprisingly, I could have.  I woke up in the night, about 2am, all hot and stuffed up and with a raging headache.  The headache was right smack in the middle of my eyes/forehead, which I guess could be sinus pain or dehydration headache.  I got up and got a drink, used some nasal spray, and flung open the bedroom window.  It took me a while to fall back asleep but when I did I was OUT.  When the alarm went off it took me a minute to figure out if I had to work or not, and when I realized I didn't, I totally wanted to go back to sleep.  I couldn't though.  Fattycat needs his medicine at 6am and I had things to do today.

Did my grocery shopping and a bit more minor Christmas shopping.  Had to pick up a few things for my mom and drop them off at her place on the way home.  I also stopped at Target to see if I could find something I thought would be easy to find at Walmart but nope, couldn't find it at either place.  Since I was at Target, of course I had to browse the Dollar Spot.
Remember recently I said there were three different paper pads, that I'd seen two and didn't care for either one?  Well today I saw all three and while none of them really wow me overall, there are a couple cute designs.  Plus, the collector in me wanted the complete set.  So I got one of each.
(Click the pics for a larger version if you want to see the designs better.)
They're 6x6 pads, and are very stiff, heavy paper.  I think they were $3.00 each.

I picked up these two packs of stickers at Walmart.  They're small stickers, and so darn cute.  Some are shimmery, some are sparkly.  They'll be cute to add to Christmas card envelopes.

I'm getting frustrated with something.  I've been waiting to do a collective haul post until all of my various Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend orders came in but some of the items are taking a long time to get here.  I should have just showed the things as I received them.  I've taken pics of everything but the actual items are now in use in the craft room and I can't remember what all hasn't been shown yet and what is from earlier hauls.  I'll need to go through my pics and get reorganized, get a list together, and maybe just start doing those smaller haul posts.

I'm also frustrated because I know I won't get enough Christmas card made this year so I should just go ahead and get the store bought ones ready and sent out.  But no, I keep delaying and puttering with making cards, thinking I can get a few more made.  I know I still have plenty of time to get cards sent out but I'm getting antsy because I usually have them sent out by now.  

I need to just put the craft room puttering on hold for a while and get presents wrapped too.  That's nagging at the back of mind, trying to keep it straight what I have bought already and what I still need to get.  Plus, I have too many shopping bags of gifts not hidden away very well and it's only a matter of time before one of the menfolk stumble across something.  Luckily they're not snooper like I am, but still.

Back to work tomorrow.  Hopefully these three work days pass quick and easy.  We have a winter storm moving in this weekend, possibly up to six inches snow.  It will look nice but ugh, as mentioned elsewhere, I'm not looking forward to winter weather anymore in my old age!  lol

Alrighty, enough rambling.  I'm off to read now.

What festive things did you do today?


  1. I like that first pack of paper. It speaks to the lumber jack inside.

    I am sorry you are waiting on stuff still, that seems odd. Do you have tracking for it? I am missing on Mew shirt for Savanna and I am thinking it won't come in time for Christmas. Pooh. But she can have it for her birthday. I am behind on wrapping too. But I plan on doing it Monday or Tuesday when I am off work.

    1. I think I have everything now, except an adapter for something, but that is okay. I got a chunk of wrapping and gift bagging done yesterday so that's a partial load off my mind. I need to get off this computer and get the Christmas cards ready to go now!