Saturday, December 10, 2016

Blogmas - Day 16

Work was quite easy and mellow today, just as I'd hoped.  It was cold in the plant though.  Well, not surprising since we only got up to 18 degrees today.

I have the funniest, dorkiest little work story to share.  Okay, the bathrooms at the plant are being redone and updated.  For weeks now we've had a glorified outhouse in the parking lot.  It's a trailer with a mens room on one end, ladies on the other.  It's heated and even has music but I hear it's ungodly small inside.  I have not used it yet because my lead person status allows me the privilege of using the office bathrooms.  Anyway, as I pulled into the parking lot this morning the first thing I noticed was a small septic pumping type truck near the potty trailer.  My first thought was . . . 

"Shitter's full!"

LOLOLOL!!!!!!  Oh please tell me you know what that's from!  Oh my gosh, it cracked me up all day long whenever it popped into my head.  Ah yes, I'm a geeky dork.

Nothing very festive to report today.  No Christmas cards came today.  Something I'd ordered for someone's present did come today, but once again, the really fun things I'm waiting for still are not here.  I need to go back and figure out just what I all ordered and just what I'm still waiting for.  It's all jumbled in my head, the stuff for me mixed with the online Christmas shopping I'd done.

That's about it for today.  I still have a wee bit more of that book to read, so I'm off to try and finish it tonight.

Two weeks till Christmas!  Are you stressed yet?

(That "Shitter's full!" line is from Christmas Vacation, by the way.)


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    1. He makes me shudder in an uncomfortable way. LOL


  2. I JUST watched Christmas Vacation. It was just as funny as ever. I also watched Muppet's Christmas Carol. Love that version.

    Yes I am a wee bit stressed. I have to bake the teacher's cookies this week and I have to buy a Secret Santa gift and mail out two boxes and all sorts of things. Next week I have off so I will wrap then. But the others stuff has deadlines. And still need to finish shopping. I am a bad bad girl.

    1. Hubby likes The Muppets but I never really got into them. I can't stand their version of The Twelve Days of Christmas, and it's constantly on the oldies station I listen to now that they're playing Christmas music.

      I need to watch Christmas Vacation just for the heck of it since I didn't get to watch it while putting up our tree.