Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blogmas - Day 20

It's my day off again and I thought I'd post this early while I'm still in a good mood, instead of waiting till evening when I might be tired and crabby again.  Even though I'm in a good mood, I want to do some Christmas whining.

First, I'm looking forward to Blogmas being done.  I think I'm going to do it different next year, and have more actual Christmas content.  Like, maybe recipes and Christmas tag and things like that.  I'm pretty sure I had these same thoughts last year but then this year, when I backed out of the Fall Fun Series for various reasons, I was thinking I didn't want to get into too much planning and commitment for Blogmas.  Turns out I'm not liking the quick little rambles, even though I do try to put some Christmas type mentions in them.  So if I do Blogmas again next year, it will be different.

Second, I'm so bummed and frustrated about trying to send gifts to people who are away from me.  I just put a package in the mail to a family member and shipping was over $20.  Ugh!  That's $20 I could have put into actual gifts for them instead.  Even sending smaller boxes, we're still talking around $10 for shipping.  Not to mention the fact that I've, somewhere along the line, come to dread actually packing the boxes to send out.  Next year it's gift cards for everyone!  At least I can put a good amount of money on that instead of having to factor in cost of shipping.  Or I'll use Amazon more and have things wrapped and shipped to people directly instead.  Yes, next year I will make things easier on myself!

And what's up with Christmas cards this year?  It's December 14 and we only have two so far.  Two?!  I usually have ours sent out early in the month, but this year I don't have them out yet because I've been puttering with trying to get a few more handmade ones done.  So if people in the past have only been sending us a card in response to getting one from us first, well, that kinda makes me feel a bit unloved and crabby.  I'm probably just reading way too much into it but geez.  I mean, I know more and more people just don't send cards anymore.  We've even cut down our own list the past couple of years.  I know a lot of people send theirs out rather last minute, and I'm trying to remind myself we're still over a week away from Christmas, but . . . I don't know, it just feels weird this year.  I love Christmas cards!  Last year and this year I'd been trying to figure out a way to have a secret New Year's giveaway where entry would be by sending me a Christmas card.  Part of the reason I finally got a PO box was in preparation for this giveaway.  I just sort of gave up the idea though when there was such a lack of interest in the mini-giveaways I did in November.  I lost my excitement for the idea and couldn't find subtle ways to work hints into my Blogmas posts.  I hate that the laziness of a social media greeting has replaced the good old fashioned courtesies.

Going back to being glad when Blogmas ends, I'm also looking forward to just doing regular posts as I have something to post about.  Maybe doing Blogtober, November dailies, and Blogmas was just too much.  I feel like regular haul posts and things should not be daily Blogmas posts so I keep delaying posting those type things.  And now, as I've mentioned in other posts, my Black Friday weekend hauls are so outdated and I've gotten so confused on if I've shown anything yet, that it almost seems pointless to post them at this point.  I'm still going to though!  I think I now have everything I ordered, so I'll try to go back through today and get organized.  I'm pretty sure though that Blogmas will end on Dec. 25 instead of stretching it all the way to Dec. 31, and I'm very much looking forward to getting back to normal after that.

Hopefully you didn't find this post too whiny.  I'm curious about your thoughts on these things I've mentioned though.  Leave me some comment love!


  1. Comment love! I agree. The Christmas card thing is lacking this year. I have a few displayed but they are mainly cards my students give me in person for Christmas only a few were actually mailed. But you know what Deb. Stay strong. I am going to keep sending them out because traditions only die when everyone stops. I like the Fall Fun Series because it was only twice a week, not everyday. I think if I had to blog something every day I would feel overwhelmed again. I DO try to blog SOMETHING everyday, but not necessarily the same thing. I do wish I had some type of Christmas blog series though. I think that would have been fun. But maybe a once or twice a week thing. Glad you are posting your paper hauls. I loved the cute little goth icecream stamps. Your niece will love it!

    1. When I started Blogmas I had wanted to mention a favorite Christmas song each day, and include a link to it on YouTube. I don't know why I never did it. I think I'll jot that idea down for next year. And I will start on Dec. 1 so I only need to come up with 24 or 25 days worth of ideas.