Thursday, December 15, 2016

Blogmas - Day 21

Yay!  I'm on vacation now, and have the next five days off!  Hopefully that helps get my Christmas spirit back.  It's kinda fizzled over the past few days.  Work was okay today.  One of the customers we package for provided a pizza party for us for Christmas.  It was a yummy lunch, but the lady who placed the order had 6 of the 12 pizzas just plain cheese.  Uh, what?  So yeah, if you got to the breakroom late you probably didn't bother eating any.
I got our Christmas cards sent out today!  Finally!  I forced myself to just sit down and get them done last night.  I heard on the radio recently that the average number of Christmas cards a family sends out is 26.  I can say that we are below that this year.  And we got no cards in our mail today.
We survived our arctic blast and Wind Advisory.  It's been so cold here this week anyway, but last night and this morning we had strong winds which made our -6 degree temps this morning feel like about -25.  Now we have to get ready for another snow storm, rolling in Friday night and Saturday morning.  They were saying between 7-11 inches with this one, and temps still in single digits.  Ugh.
Casey's had a rough week because of this weather.  Tuesday morning his car wouldn't start after work in the morning.  A coworker jump started it and he made it home okay.  Tuesday night it wouldn't start again so he took hubby's truck to work instead.  Wednesday morning when he got home we used the truck to jump start his car again (here at home) and then nosed the car into the garage and let it run for a while to get a charge build up.  We thought being partly in the garage would help it start at night when he had to go to work.  Nope.  So he was going to take hubby's truck again, except now it was stuck in the little bit of snow where it was parked because hubby hasn't put sandbags in the back and it has no traction.  Hubby had to get up last night and help get the truck out, and then Casey it to work.  This morning he sent a text to hubby asking him to put his car on the charger.  I told hubby to pop the trunk open on the car and then make sure it's closed tight.  Casey has had problems in the past, the battery draining because the trunk was not quite closed tightly.  Well for whatever reason hubby slammed it extra hard and pushed down on the spoiler to do it.  Yep, in these frigid temps everything is brittle and the end of the spoiler snapped right off.  Gah!  And now we'll see what predicament Casey has when he leaves for work tonight.  I'm sick of this weather!

But hey, I'm off for the next five days!  Time to watch some Christmas movies, finish wrapping gifts, and make a few Christmas treats!

How are you doing as creep ever closer to the big day?


  1. Holy moly, it's sounds so very cold there! I hope you enjoy your holiday break though. The hubs and I decided to buy a little tree so I am finally getting into the holiday spirit.

    1. Yay for little trees! My son refuses to put his little one up in his apartment. No decorations, nothing. Gah! I thought I raised him better! lol