Monday, December 19, 2016

Blogmas - Day 25

We finished up our wind chill advisory this morning.  It was something like -11 real temp when I got up this morning.  Temps did rise throughout the day, and we did make it up to 13 degrees *above* zero, but the winds picked up too.  Gah!  I actually prefer the lower temps without the wind.  It's still windy this evening, and it sucks.

Another thing that sucks is that Casey's car didn't start at work again.  This time even a jump start wouldn't do it, so he got a ride home from a coworker.  He and I went back this afternoon after the temps came up and the car had sat in the sun all day but nope, still wouldn't start.  A couple blocks away from where we work is a newer little car garage.  We stopped in there and talked to the dudes.  They'll go pick up the car tomorrow morning and tow it to their shop but probably can't get to work on it till Wednesday.  Describing the problems, they're not sure if it'll be the battery or the alternator.  So now Casey's taking hubby's truck to work again tonight, and hopefully that will start in the morning.  It's supposed to be much warmer tonight and tomorrow so we're hoping it'll be okay.

Yeah, our weather is supposed to be quite nice the rest of this week, in the 30's and getting warmer each day.  Christmas Day right now looks like it'll be possibly 40 degrees!  I'll take it!!!!

Nothing really Christmas-y happened today.  No cards in the mail.  I can't believe we're less than a week away from Christmas and we only have TWO Christmas cards!  That's just sad on so many levels!

I did have some cocoa today, trying to warm up on this cold day in this drafty house.  I love these Land O Lakes flavored cocoas.  This Arctic White one is weird though.  The whiteness of it took some getting used to.  I mean, it looks like milk!  Tasted like lovely creamy cocoa though.

Casey went back to bed after we got home from trying to get his car.  Hubby went to bed early, and kinda crabby.  I don't know if he has to go in early tomorrow or what.  He didn't really say much this evening.  The cats are huddled away, sleeping in warm spots.  The house is quiet so I'm going to go watch some of the Snapped episodes I have piling up on the DVR.

Ho ho ho!


  1. I don't think I have ever had that kind of cocoa. I will go find some. Looks yummy. It will get down to 54 tonight which is nice. The girls slept out by the tree last night and Savanna said Toddles slept with them for a good long time. I thought that was sweet. She normally sleeps alone.

    1. I think Land O Lakes cocoa in general has become my favorite. They have quite a few flavors too!

      That's cute about the girls and the cat. Lynx is a people sleeper. He gets obnoxious if you don't let him sleep with you, usually demanding to be let under the blankets. Minion is not a cuddler. He might curl up at the very foot corner of the bed if he ever chooses to sleep with us. We have the door closed at night though, don't let them in, because Minion is more likely to jump on high things and knock things around in his nighttime exploring than he is to just lay down and sleep.