Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blogmas - Day 26

We made it up to 30 degrees today!  The day started out with continued winds and low wind chill temps, but by mid-morning temps were already climbing and by noon or so the winds just went away.  It was quite nice after that!

I went to my mom's this morning, did her laundry, took her grocery shopping.  She used her walker around Walmart but was using her cane around the apartment, and she's taking more and more steps unaided too.  I still don't think she'll ever get back to walking with nothing, but her goal is to just use the cane and I think she'll probably get to that point.

I was pretty crabby all morning.  It started last night actually, because when Casey woke us up again between 10-10:30pm, this time because hubby's truck was stuck in a snowdrift in the driveway, I almost exploded in a screaming fit of rage.  It's ridiculous, I know, but I'm just so sick of all these piddly stupid inconveniences!  His drama with the car and truck for the past week is grating on my nerves.  The stupid weather is wearing me down.  The freakin' wind was *really* pissing me off.  And then just some other things going on.  It all just started boiling over when he woke us up, and then this morning when the weather was still crap.  Then when I got home and checked the mail and found nothing but a Netflix movie for hubby, I was like "WTF?!" internally.  I have packages I'm expecting, and they're not showing up.  (Granted, there are so many I can't remember what's due when.)  And still no Christmas cards!  Even my mom commented about her own lack of cards this year.

I watched a couple crafting videos in my mopey mood once I got home, then forced myself to shake it off and get up and get busy on something, anything.  I went out and filled the bird feeders and took a moment to enjoy the sunny, warmer, windless weather.  Then I got busy on some holiday 'baking.'
Special K Bars and Puppy Chow are the only Christmas treats I make regularly.  I don't even make cookies anymore.  Although I still love decorated sugar cookies, my menfolk just never got into them much, so the effort is not worth it to me anymore.  It makes me sad though, because I still use the recipe my mom used all those years when we were kids, and I freakin' love those cookies.  *sigh*

Hubby and I finally watched the first episode of a show called Real Vikings, which is on after Vikings each week.  It talks about events or people from the show and visits real places and things related to the show.  It's quite interesting because they talk to some people involved in the show, as well as point out where artistic liberties have been taken, such as Ragnar and Rollo not really being related and actually living many decades apart.  One really cool part in this episode was one historian guy and actor Clive Standen, who plays Rollo, at the real Rollo's tomb and discussing the real man.  Clive Standen looked quite touched, almost a bit emotional, as he told how he'd been to that tomb once before, for a school trip when he was 11 years old, and now he's playing the roll of this famous and influential man.  Then he reached out and put his hand on the tomb.  Yeah, I got a little emotional myself.  If you're curious, go to the video in the following link and start watching at the 44:00 minute mark.

Well, tomorrow I'm back to work.  I'll work these next two days and then be off until January 3.  Yay!
So I'll go try to read a bit before bed now.

Did you do anything festive today?


  1. Mmmmm Clive. I will have to check that out. Sorry things have been nipping at you. I love that you dusted yourself off and made some yummies. And then didn't sit down and eat them all (like I would have). Hey. Happy Birthday pretty lady. And only one more day of work left until freeeeeedommmmm!!!!

    1. I like Clive. Rollo can annoy me at times but from what I've seen of interviews and things, I like Clive. I'm quite a bit more curious about the real Rollo now after watching that show. The area of land he was given and went on to rule is what we know now as Normandy. Hubby and I were like 'Yay!' because the hotel we stay at when we go to Minnesota is The Normandy. lol