Thursday, December 22, 2016

Blogmas - Day 28

I'm done with work for the year!  Ugh, these past two days have been somewhat killerish on my old person body.  We were short on people both days because so many are using up vacation, so I was a machine operator instead of lead person.  It would have been fine if there had been someone to fill in and do my job but no, we were scrambling to try and get breaks done ourselves, get supplies ourselves, and so on.  But I survived and now I'm off for ten days.

There was drama at work this morning.  A third shift guy totally went off on our production manager, screaming and swearing at her while a crowd gathered to support him.  Apparently they posted a schedule change just minutes before the third shift people would have been out the door and heading for their holiday time off.  They're starting up the lines a day early, having third shift come in and do it instead of waiting and having first shift do it.  Bad enough they're doing that, but to just slap a piece of paper up on the door minutes before these people are leaving?  I absolutely agree with this guy's screaming.  And then later today they were going around trying scrounge up people to come in early and get other lines going sooner too.  What the heck are they thinking?  I mean, geez, a ton of people are already on vacation.  Who is going to tell them schedules have changed?  It was just a complete angry mess and I have no sympathy for management in this case.  Because you know dang well THEY will all be off and enjoying their long holiday.

So, I have no Christmas spirit.  None.  I'm excited about my time off but not necessarily about Christmas.  I look at people's tree pics or see Christmas things or hear Christmas music and I still love looking but it seems sort of out of place, like if I was seeing these things in June or something.  It's a bummer but oddly enough, I'm not really upset about it.  I've struggled the past several years with not being able to find that warm fuzzy feeling of Christmas and it's been really upsetting.  This year I seem to have just accepted it.  Maybe there will be a spark of it now that work is done, and with our family get together at my brother's on Saturday.  But if not, it feels like I'll be okay with it this year.

I *am* still rather upset about the Christmas card situation though.  Even hubby said he's a bit disgusted by it today.  We have three cards.  THREE.  Two days left before Christmas and we have THREE Christmas cards.  Have people really just stopped sending out cards???  Have we really become such a lazy, self-centered society?  I know you're probably thinking I'm off my rocker getting so upset about this but, well, GEEZ!  I just don't get it.

Alrighty, on that Scroogey note, I'm off to bed.

Anything making you Scroogey this Christmas?


  1. I would rise up against that kind of treatment too. They should have handled that situation way differently. Sorry you aren't feeling the Christmas vibes. :-( I think the girls help get me in the spirit more than anything else. They get excited and I feed off of that. Earlier my sickness and cramps were making me Scroogey but thankfully that has passed now. Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

    1. I think I feed off the excitement of others too, and it just hasn't been happening around here. Even at work, there wasn't the usual last minute gift exchanges or people excited about the holiday. Hubby just doesn't talk about Christmas-y things, and Casey's usually holed up in his room, so it just feels like any other day. *sigh* I suppose this is the new norm for me though, and I'm not too beat up about it this year.