Friday, December 23, 2016

Blogmas - Day 29

Why?  Why, why, why, why, whyyyyyyyyyy?  Once again, the blog name says it all.  It's always something!
And today it was a freaking possum in our dryer vent.  Yes!
One of these!

In one of these!
That picture is not our dryer but the set up is the same, with the foil-n-coil flex tube running from the back of the dryer to the tube through the wall to the plastic vent cap outside.

Ty was over today, doing his laundry and hanging out.  At one point while he and I and Casey were standing around the kitchen talking, we noticed a possum outside.  It was down at the back edge of the yard, well away from the house, and looked like it was wandering around and maybe scrounging for food.  I commented that it was probably sick if it was out during the day like that.  And then we forgot about it and continued chitchatting.

Ty finished his laundry not long after that, packed up his stuff and went home.  Casey was getting ready to go hang out with his friend.  I was getting ready to do dishes.  I heard something in the laundry room and dismissed it at normal laundry sounds.  It took me a moment to remember, duh, laundry is done.  My next dismissive thought was that the cats were in there.  Their food dishes and their litter box is in there afterall.  Then it dawned on me that no, the cats are asleep in the other room and that's a lot of noise I hear.  So I go into the laundry room and go to peek in the corner where the noise is coming from .  It's where the vent house goes outside.  And . . . WTF?!?!?!  There is a large bulge in the hose and it's moving!

I did not scream but I ran from the room and told Casey, "I think the possum is in the vent hose!"  He doubted me, went to look, and came flying out of the room like I had.  That tube is not at all durable.  It's just thin foil.  I was immediately having all sorts of panicky, terrifying thoughts of it breaking through and now it's IN THE HOUSE!  Casey's like "You gotta call someone.  Now."  I ran and grabbed Minion and hustled him up to Casey's room.  Fattycat was already up there so I slammed the door to keep them safe, slammed my own bedroom door, and then went back downstairs.

Casey's friend arrived to pick him up so they could go hang out but Casey told him to wait because we had a situation.  Craig, the friend, comes in, "You have a WHAT?" and goes to have a peek in the laundry room.  He too came flying out, like "Holy shit!"  We were grabbing phone books and trying to figure out who to call.  I said I wished I just knew someone (friend or family) who could come and do this, and Casey asked Craig, "Would your dad know what to do?"  Apparently he's a big hunter, outdoors guy, used to stuff like this.  Craig called his dad.  His dad said it take him about a half hour to get here.

Gah!  There is a door to outside right next to where that vent is, so I dashed in and opened it, thinking it if the stupid thing got out of the tube maybe he'd at least go back out the door.  Then we tried blocking the door leading into the kitchen, and paced around while waiting.  The noise and movement in the tube stopped for a while and we were like 'Good!  At least it's not trying to get out anymore!'  For maybe 10 or 15 minutes all was quiet, then the scratching and movement started up again.  The boys were way more brave than me, and kept peeking in.  At one point Craig noticed that it had crawled forward more and was now at the dryer connection point, making holes in the foil.  Casey's like 'Yep, I see fur.'


Then it got quiet again for a little bit and when Craig checked again he reported that it was back at the wall.  We figured all along that it couldn't turn around in there so it would have to back out, and sure enough, it was now trying to.  They peeked out the door and saw it's tail hanging out the vent.  We shut the door then, thinking okay, if it gets itself out we certainly don't want it coming back in through the open door!  Maybe 5 more minutes passed while it tried to back out but must have been stuck.  Craig's dad showed up then, put on some thick, heavy gloves, grabbed hold and yanked.  I'll spare the details of what happened after that but let's just say . . . problem taken care of.


Turns out the little plastic screen animal guard was no longer in place on the vent, and there was just enough lint built up on the hinged vent flap thing to keep it from closing all the way.  Ty had just done laundry so this stupid critter was probably drawn to the warmth.  Well, Casey and Craig went to the local hardware store and bought a new vent (the other broke in the yanking process) and tube, and we got the new piece installed.  But . . . bleah . . . *disturbed shudder* . . . how freakin' creepy is that?!  I'll probably have nightmares tonight.

I did get some packages today, things I've ordered recently.  Still no Christmas cards though.  And we're getting more snow this evening, maybe up to four inches overnight.  That possum drama kinda killed the whole day though.  I'm going to bed now, to TRY and read for a while.

What is your creepiest critter encounter?



  1. Oh my, what a fiasco! I would have been creeped out too, but I couldn't help but chuckle as I read your account. My creepiest animal encounter was as a kid. I was probably about 8 or so and getting ready to take a bath. Just as I poised my foot to step in I looked down a there was a SNAKE IN THE BATHTUB!!! To this day I have no idea how it got in there, but you can bet I ran out of there faster than lightning. First I tried to tell my mom but she said "I don't do snakes; go tell your dad." I attempted to rouse my dad who was napping on the couch but he incoherently shooed me away. You'd think parents would be more concerned when their kid says the words snake and bathtub... Then I told my teenage brother who got a bucket and a stick and carried the snake far out into the field and let it go. I've since realized it was a small garden snake and wouldn't have done much harm, but it still certainly shouldn't have been there! To this day I still remind my parents they ignored my pleas for help, lol.

    1. Small garden snake or not, I bet it seemed anaconda sized at that moment!!!! Gah!!! Do you find yourself checking the bathtub before you get in, even now? lol

      It's okay that you chuckled, it is rather amusing after the fact. Hubby laughed as I told him about it, and I was cracking up too. But not at the time! I was shaking and in panic mode! LOL


  2. LOL! Way too much excitement for me!! You handled it like a pro. And thank goodness for friend's fathers who help out. Poor guy was cold and wanted to snuggle in your warm house.

    1. I don't know about handling it like a pro! I was shaking and freaking, and it was comical how we'd peek into the room and run to the other end of the house. LOL