Sunday, December 25, 2016

Blogmas - Day 31 / Merry Christmas!

Well here we are, Christmas Day at last.  I had a wonderful day, and continue to be amazed at how mellow and content I've been about it these past few days.  I certainly do hope this is the new norm!

I was up at my usual 5:30am, and hubby was up shortly after that.  Casey got up about 7:00am, and then we just puttered around, waiting for Ty to come over.  No real plan had been made or time set.  He and Matt showed up just before 8:00am.  It was so funny because we all went into little kid at Christmas mode and wanted to immediately open presents.

Our tree this year.  I never really was quite satisfied with how it looked but it wasn't troublesome enough for me to do anything about it.

Minion wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas.  Silly cat.
 And then he had to check and see which gifts might be his.

Ty and Casey, 25 and 22, and still kids on Christmas morning.  I should dig out a pic from the earliest year they started sitting in front of the tree like this.

We have a pic of Fattycat like this pretty much every year too.

You know how they say a box is all a cat needs?  Santa brought them a fancy activity board and Minion went directly for the empty box.  LOL

They did take an interest in the activity board quite easily though.  It's funny that Fattycat is the one who is much more into it, but the reviews I'd read did say something about that, how it's excellent stimulation for older cats.  They have not figured out the fish bowl part yet but they can get the treats from the other obstacles.  Minion still seems to prefer the old wobble toy that they have to bat around to knock the treat out.

And of course we later settled into a day of playing Munchkin and Cards Against Humanity.

We had ham slices, carrots, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls for lunch.  We snacked on Puppy Chow and Special K bars all day.  We had a lot of laughs.  And then Ty and Matt left around 4:00pm.  Hubby settled in to watch football for the evening.  Casey disappeared up to his room to watch new DVDs he'd gotten.  And I've been puttering around, sorting through Christmas pictures and watching some crafty videos.

Tomorrow I'll work on getting pics taken for some haul pics.  For my birthday and Christmas I got several books and a few craft items that I'm excited about.  Hubby and I might go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow so I can spend some Christmas money on more crafty things.  Not sure yet if we'll go or just stay home and relax one more day.  He goes back to work Tuesday but I'm off all week.

So Christmas has come and gone, and it's always a little sad that there is so much buildup and then it's done.  At least it seems that way to me.  I know I'm going to have that moment of extreme sadness when I wake up in the night tonight and find the radio station we have on all night has switched back to regular music.  That's like THE final say in Christmas being over for another year.  But these past two days have been quite wonderful for me and I'm extremely thankful for that.

I hope you all had an awesome holiday and that Santa was good to you!

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