Sunday, December 11, 2016

Blogmas - Day17

Another mellow day at work, yay!  A lot of us were watching football in the breakroom whenever we could.  It was a day of long breaks and very carefree attitudes.  The Vikings won their game today, but so did the Lions and the Packers, so nothing has really changed in the standings.  Still, I'm happy for that Vikings win.

During the boring times at work I found myself just really wanting to come home and wrap presents and make Special K bars and Puppy Chow.  I rarely make/decorate cookies anymore at Christmas but I still try to make the bars and Puppy Chow.  People are talking more and more about "This is my last day..." until next year as a lot of people are using up a lot of vacation time now.  I was feeling all 'I wanna be off too!' and thinking about all the things I still need to do, and got a little mopey.  It's crazy though because I do have many extra days off coming up.

I'd hoped to get some things done tonight after work but nope, those plans didn't work out.  Little technical difficulties along the way have me giving up and whipping out this post so I can get to bed.  I don't even have a book to read tonight because I finally finished that one at work this afternoon.  Look for my review of that on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I guess that's it for now.
Good night!


  1. Yay for relaxed work days! Those are the best, when there isn't a lot to do and the atmosphere itself is nice and calm.

    My holiday spirit has kind of stalled in the past week. I'm doing everything I can to get it back but so far nothing has really worked. I still have about two weeks to find it again, though, so here's hoping!

    I look forward to your book review! <3

    1. Do you know the song Where Are You Christmas? That song makes me cry. Quite a few years ago I was really struggling with Christmas, sad that it wasn't the same as when I was younger, and not able to 'make it work' as an adult. That song came along, was so fitting, made me bawl my eyes out and sort of re-evaluate things. I know your current situation is different and more specific, but still....the song is awesome.

      I hope some happy elves throw some magic Christmas dust your way soon!


    2. I love that song, even if it's one of the more sad Christmas songs. It's kind of perfect for the past 3 or so Christmases. I guess now that I no longer live "at home" (that's always been what I call my parent's house, even though the home they live in now is not the one I lived with them in) Christmas just isn't the same.

      Today is a very special day for that friend I blog about, K. This year they've been going through an adoption process and today is the day I go with them to court while they present their case to the judge and he will decide if they will be allowed to adopt the little boy they've been caring for this year. It's not exactly holiday related, but I refuse to let any of the negativity from the past week taint what should hopefully be a joyous day for their family.

    3. Christmas lost it's magic for me when I became a parent and suddenly knew how much and what everything under the tree would be. When the boys were a little older, like in younger elementary school grades, it got fun again for a while. Then when they were older and not really into it as much, Christmas really took a dive for me. A huge part of the magic feeling, regardless of age, is that anticipation of seeing the loot under the tree on Christmas morning! The past year or two have been a little better as I've apparently come to accept that Christmas will just never be like that again. *sigh*

      Good luck to your friends! That's exciting! Will they find out today, or will there be a bit more waiting?