Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Blogmas - Days 18 & 19

Missed another day!  I thought of it right as I crawled into bed last night.  Doh!  So let me once again do a cheater post.

Day 18 - It was another mellow work day.  One of my lines was down so it was an easy day for us on the other two lines.  I was very much looking forward to my days off because a hundred million little things are nagging at my brain again and it's sending me toward my dreaded funky mood.  Other than that I can't even think of anything.  I guess that's why it was so easy to forget to post last night.

Day 19 - It was freakin' cold today!  I think we got up to maybe 10 degrees but the wind chill made it feel below zero.  This whole week is supposed to be miserably cold.  Sunday we're not even predicted to get above zero.  UGH!!!!  Somewhere along the way I've come to really hate winter.

I went to mom's today.  Thankfully she said it was too cold to go anywhere, so I just did her laundry and got back home fairly quick and early.  Then I was determined to get some things done, like wrapping presents and organizing so I can figure out just what I all I have.  I wanted to stay out of the craft room and off the computer so I could be sure to get things done.  I did pretty good on that part, but I found I really was not in the mood for wrapping presents and got kinda crabby.  Still, I put some murder shows on TV for background noise and soldiered on.  I didn't get everything wrapped but at least I was able to sort through and see that I'm done shopping.  I'm just waiting for one more thing to come in the mail.  I also meant to get the Christmas cards written out and ready to be mailed tomorrow.  Heh, that didn't happen.  I didn't even touch them.  I have to get a box packed up and ready to ship out, and I needed one card to include and I wanted it to be one of my handmade ones, so I ended up back in the craft room for a while.  I did finish two cards but of course it was dark outside by then so I'll wait till tomorrow to take pics of them.

I just can't get warm today and that's killing my mood.
So on that totally unfestive note, I will leave you and head off to bed.


  1. Fuzzy socks. Hot beverage (peppermint tea anyone?!). And heat up the rice heating pad. I did make you one right?? If not I can.

    I am feeling sickly right now. I drank some hot peppermint tea with honey and lemon. Hoping I can kick it before the break. I do not want to be sick over the break. Boo hoo.

    1. You did indeed make me a rice heating pad! And the peppermint tea is from you. So now I'm just waiting for you to send me fuzzy socks. =P

      I hope your sickly cooties flee quickly. My sinuses are waging war with my face with all this arctic weather, the going in and out from warm to cold, the dry air from the furnace being cranked. Uuuuuugh!